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Jan 17, 2010 10:15 AM

Ruth Reichl=Annoying version of Anton Ego

watching her show on PBS now, she was the ed in chief of Gourmet magazine (good riddance to that). Foodies that don't cook annoy me.

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    1. She writes and talks constantly about what she has cooked. Judging from your comment about Gourmet perhaps you didn't really read it that much, so you might not otherwise know better.

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      1. re: Withnail42

        Yeah, it's a shame your facts are incorrect. If you really want to find out how much (or little) she cooks, you should read her autobios.

        I really miss Gourmet.

      2. Gourmet Mag was good from the beginning; Reichl made it great. Conde Nast may have made the correct decision from a marketing perspective when they killed it and kept that sappy Bon Appetit alive, but from any other rational point of view it was a major disaster. Glad she's got other gigs.

        Posters who don't get their facts straight first annoy me, though in all fairness I've got some tooth-marks on my shoes, too.

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        1. re: Will Owen

          I like this PBS show, the one visiting cooking schools in other countries.

          1. re: paulj

            This show makes me want to know more. Perhaps the brilliance is in the editing as I HAVE to go to the website for the recipes.
            I don't understand the co-sponsership of Nat. Geo. But I hope the visits to different cooking schools becomes a book.

        2. Good riddance to Gourmet? I want more food writing - not less.

          1. Try reading her books -- clearly she cooks.

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            1. re: Chocolatechipkt

              She does cook, she does write, and she was a formidable editor and force (even if her directions did not always please everyone). But there is something just a wee bit off putting about her presence: the languid, pretentious voice, maybe, or her too coy by half poses.
              Maybe it's just me.

              1. re: bob96

                Bob96, my husband had a horrible reaction to her, as well.
                The first cooking school show that we saw was her visit to Morocco. I was enchanted by the food and barely saw Ruth. But Mr Shallots heard her mouth and was shocked at her use of "God" in all too many sentences.
                Explanation: some time ago, he was host to a number of devout North Africans and was taught in advance NOT to use any lords' names vain or otherwise. So everytime she exclaimed one of her favorite phrases, to him it was blasphemy. He was very surprised that it wasn't bleeped or edited out..

                1. re: shallots

                  I agree. There is something off putting about her. I also think that she helped destroy Gourmet. It began to look like Vanity Fair with recipes. Those monthly menu articles with photos began to feature 20-something poseurs who didn't look like they ate, much less cooked. Another thing that gave me the creeps was Ruth's letters or articles where she talked about her totally dysfunctional family as though all the really nasty stuff that happened was charming and oh so funny.

              2. re: Chocolatechipkt

                I just finished all three aotobios, in opposite order I'll admit. I have nothing but respect for the woman!!