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Jan 17, 2010 10:04 AM

Anh Thu

I was in Wormtown for a blitz of a weekend. Mom wanted El Basha but I think her Armenian food is best so she allowed me to take her to Anh Thu. First off the entire city on Sat. was quiet. Price Chopper where we stop for fruit was dead at 11 AM. Bahnan, the middle eastern grocer was empty. Last time we were at Anh Thu it was packed. This time empty. Tea took 10 min to arrive and was luke warm. The server recommended the pork mixed plate for Mom and I chose the tofu stir fry with lemongrass. We had fresh veggie rolls for an app. They were bland but the sauce made them tasty. My food was delicious but devoid of lemongrass. Mom's platter was odd. Two small shell on shrimp, a shrimp patty (ok) and tofu covered shrimp (odd) PLUS SPAM ( I swear) and dried pork. The rice was undercooked. It was a mess of a meal really. The tofu saved us from culinary despair. This was far different than my last successful luncheon on a previous visit.

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  1. Is Anh Thu on Park, set back a little bit?

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      yes was pretty good a year ago...

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        Been a while for me. I remember liking it, tho Da Lat is my favorite for Pho. What about the new place wher Bamboo Hut was?

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          Trufflehound: -- Here's a pretty good review of the new place where Bamboo Hut was:

    2. Your experience is much different than mine, my wife and have been eating there at least twice a week for a long time and they have been consistently excellent. I was there past Friday and it was packed. Their cooking is authentic as can be, so I can understand why some dishes won't be to your liking. But they have a varied menu and if ask for suggestions you will be happy ordering the right dish.

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        thanks bigboy..we did ask for recs and she said the pork platter was the most may have been an off Sat. lunch time.

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          The pork platter you ordered, was the "com bay mon" plate? Because that is served with broken rice, which done properly might seem like its undercooked. That "spam" you described is Vietnamese ham. Also, the tofu covered shrimp is actually common in Vietnamese cuisine. Maybe the dish was too authentic for you?

          Anh Thu has a stir fried seafood dish that's excellent, ditto with the beef that might be more familiar tasting.

          There are a few more Vietnamese restaurants that are more Americanized in Worcester but my wife is Vietnamese so they quickly became off limits to us.

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            I love authentic and was so happy with my choice. I ate the tofu covered was not was odd to me..just not my fav. I see about the rice..good to far as the ham, Mom thought it was spam (it looks identical) and coming from the depression she had had quite enough of that then..we had a good laugh. I will have to explain to her...also her pork was shoe leather tough...She indeed does not love too authentic but is pretty adventurous. I always ask the wait staff for recs and usually do very tofu again was amazing...Would I go back..sure but so many other amazing choices in Wormtown so might try something different next time. Our last foray was to Baja Grill last May and we loved that..might try the new location. Thanks for your clarification. I LOVE local eats..Americanized is not preferred..


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              Baja Grill has a new location? Where, pray tell.

              1. re: trufflehound

                Baja Grill/Theatre Cafe
                529 Main St
                Worcester, MA 01608
                (508) 799-7190

                Get us a review Truffle...happy eating..