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Jan 17, 2010 08:40 AM

L'Osteria: Good meal @ reasonable prices in North End

Had a nice dinner with 2 other couples @ L'Osteria on Salem St. in North End last night. Professional service and a very broad menu. Had a respectable Caesar salad to start. Very tender veal filled with proscuitto and mozarella topped with tomato cream sauce and mushrooms. Pasta side ok. Bread was tasty and wine not too much of a price mark-up, tho' they were out of my top 2 choices. Worth a visit, but make reservations for a Sat. nite.

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  1. That place has been one of my favorite old school places since I moved to Boston quite a while ago. Glad to hear it still delivers.

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    1. I lived in the North End for over twenty years and L'Osteria and Massimino's were always consistent solidly great-food-not-too-expensive restaurants. I especially love L'Osteria's salad dressing, antipasto and their veal agrodolce. Haven't been back in a while, so it was nice to read your review.

      The other thing I loved about L'Osteria - I ate there a couple times with old work friends -we hadn't seen each other for a long time and we wanted to catch up - they had lines both times and never tried to push us out.

      Never could afford Prezza <g>