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Jan 17, 2010 07:55 AM

Help!! Cocktail Party/Open House next weekend Westport CT

HELP!! I am planning an open house/ Cocktail/ dinner party for 24 friends next weekend and I am panicking about food. I want to order some meat- something that can be self-served by my guests. Don't want just the traditional spiral ham..want something like a pork loin or a roast beef..want to order locally- what do you suggest? Balducci's is a tad $$$, what about A&S, or the Pantry in Fairfield? Stew Leonards? I want it to be yummy and easy to serve and not to worry if its not hot as the evening progresses. Any suggestions for other dishes? I would also love some awesome hors d'oerves ..any tips? Trader Joe's?

Also is it alright to have disposable plates and high quality plastic utensils?


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  1. You have answered everything you asked for! The plastic/chinette question is up to you. Make sure it's a sturdy quality and it should be fine. If you go with china and glass you may want help with dishes...good luck.

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      HAHAHAHA it looks like it..I really was asking which people preferred or have had good experience with. What kind of meat would people suggest? And what kind of sides would you suggest? I dont know why I am gripping about this..I just did filet mignon for the same amount of people for a sit down Christmas dinner, but for a party where people are milling about I am suddenly stumped. Thanks for any and all replies!!

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        I would use A&S but service may vary as to location used. IMO if you are comfortable doing everything yourself most everything can be gotten from Trader Joe's in reheat form (think lots and lots of finger foods, dips, nuts & snacks). Maybe just buy a tenderloin of pork & beef from A&S and set it up on a carving board next to a basket of potato rolls with nice dressings so that your guests can make their own little baby sandwiches or something. think easy!

    2. I believe Fresh Market also catering services, but I have not yet had the need to use them.

      1. I recommend Park Deli in Port Chester. I've never been disappointed in anything they make.

        And if you go to Park Deli, go to Strauss for your party supplies. You can get very nice disposable plates there. (around the corner from the old Life Savers building


        And I wouldn't know what to do without Trader Joe's. I always serve their potato pancakes, and the vegetable pot stickers are a hit.

        My go-to homemade hors d'oerves: 1 cup shredded parmesan cheese, 1 cup mayo and 1 tbsp dijon mustard. Mix together, top on slice of baguette and put under broiler until bubbly, then sprinkle with chopped scallion. Addictive, and great with champagne.

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          thank you for your encouragement and your suggestions...i have been sitting on this website for the entire day and have decided on making a few appetizers that i found:

          1).little new potatoes boiled, a little bit scooped out and then stuffed with seasoned sour cream and then alternately sprinkled with chives, bacon and/or caviar.
          2). a warm garlicky artichoke dip that other chowhounds love so much its sounds like they would like to marry it!!
          3) endive boats stuffed with a cream cheese/blue cheese filling, with chopped sugar chili pecans and baby red grapes to garnish
          4). tomato/mozzarella sticks with fresh basil leaves and an olive on each

          then i also plan a huge platter of clean and peeled shrimp with a yummy cocktail sauce
          a cold filet mignon platter with bread and great sauces ie: horseradish along with tasty rolls

          i want to do something chicken but i am stumped..i am going to order the filet mignon platter locally..and so far plan to create everything else myself..but the chicken is still stumping me..any ideas? i am not opposed to ordering something chicken i am just not sure what would go with what i have so far

          I will also have fresh fruit and crudités, does anyone have any other ideas?

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            maybe you'd have better luck on the home cooking board for recipe ideas...

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              just do a platter of chicken sausages browned and sliced with various dipping sauces in carved out winter fruits. it looks great, add little pickles, peppers, roasted garlic bulbs, etc. Trader Joes has all types precooked and not. Sam's club does too for bigger quantity. Hummus, Tabuli, etc. always goes too! Get the pita from the Indian place in Portchester(NAN ) Are you inviting this tristate board now that we've helped you plan the night??!! hahaha enjoy!

          2. Get Bamboo plates, and 'Sporks" I did this for my daughter's Bat Mitz. and it looked great, so many asked about it, loved it, etc. I believe the company online is BAMBU like the rolling papers from the 70's. but just google Bamboo disposable plates. You'll love them! Great for environment too.