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Jan 17, 2010 07:52 AM

Help--Tonight! Need recs for dinner with group of teens near Cherry Hill Mall

We're headed to the movies across from the Cherry Hill mall tonight..not very familiar with the area and looking for someplace to take a group of 2 adults and 5 teens for moderately priced dinner. Any help appreciated!

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  1. That is the land of the chain. You literally can look out the door of the movie theater and find a dozen restaurants right on the street. The Cherry Hill Cheesecake Factory is big time. They have like 3 hour waits and people actually wait. A good Chow-worthy restaurant is rare over there, but hopefully someone who knows better will chime in with a rec. I would have said Onasis, but they closed. Located across the street from the Cheesecake Beast.

    1. I know very few restaurants in Cherry Hill but I went to a party at Norma's Mediterranean once and the food was really good. Not sure how close to the mall it is, but it is in Cherry Hill.

      1. Try searching the mid-atlantic board which covers NJ:

        Collingswood isn't too far away, you could search for recs there too.

        1. For a group of teens I would recommend Seasons 52. I enjoyed my lunch and it was very reasonably priced. They promote seasonal ingredients and apparently change their menu seasonally. I know it's a chain, but it has a very different feel than the typical cheese cake, fridays, or chilli's.

          1. Bahama Breeze is perfect. It's in the mall.