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Stockpots - Demeyere Atlantis - Huh?

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I've invested in several Atlantis line pans and was disappointed to see that the matching stockpots only come in 5 or 8 qt sizes.... strange isn't it?

Their other line called Apollo offers up to 33 and even 52qt size. Why such small stockpots in the Atlantis line?

I feel like I'd want to have at least 12 or 16 quarts.


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  1. Jack Breeden is the North American manufacturer's rep. for Demeyere. You can contact him at 1-800-338-7304 or dem.breeden@prodigy.net. He has been most helpful to me.
    I bought the Atlantis set and am going to supplement the really large pieces using their Resto line.
    I have a 36" Wolf Induction cooktop and love it!

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