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Jan 17, 2010 07:07 AM

San Marcos Chow

Looking for chow-worthy restaurants in San Marcos. Must be walking distance from TSU. Coming for long weekend in March from upstate NY.

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    "San Marcos" search netted the above. It might also be useful to search the Texas board.

    1. Taqueria El Charro is the best Mexican in town. It's Jalisco style and similar to the popular Aranda's but it a lot better actually...and I love Aranda's.

      Cool Mint Cafe and Root Cellar are both good and the first chow worthy-ish restaurants in SM since, unfortunately, most of the places in town cater to students with a couple of nickels to rub together.

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        Thank you so much. I did check the TX board and never found that thread, scrumptiouschef, so I thank you for that as well.

      2. Agree on Root Cellar, its a little expensive but still good. Recommend the pasta dishes for the best price and amount of food. The Coffee Pot in the square is good for sandwiches and OK coffee...pricey. I love Los Cucos and will forever, best salsa IMO.

        1. I always stop by Grin's for a burger when I am in San Marcos. The Burger is pretty good, although not the best I have ever had, but for some reason, the entire package (ambience, etc.) makes it a must go to.

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            On the topic of burgers, try the Tap Room in SM. Best in the region, IMHO.

          2. Thai Thai Kitchen has solid Thai food.

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              Thai Thai Kitchen is horrible. Their Pad thai is like pale, greasy lo mein. The curries are heavy on the coconut milk and light on the spices. And I won't even mention the cleanliness/appearance issues. No way.

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                Not a huge fan of their Pad Thai, (prefer my own) or any of the coconut milk curries, But the green curry soup is tasty and broth-based. Several of their hot recipes are good. Some are very hot. Shrimp salad can be very good. As far as atmosphere....its a college town and the atmosphere is about what I would expect. I used to go to a similar place in Lubbock while I was at Tech.