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Jan 17, 2010 07:00 AM

Wok-n-Roll closed Torchy's gonna open

My favorite Chinese mega dive restaurant has closed, which makes me very sad. The awesome sign in the window reads " CLOSED no more restaurantt" ....I was hoping for another sweet dive, but instead I get gourmet 4$ tacos. Bummmmmmmer

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    1. re: ChristineR

      I am not going to demean Wok-N-Roll by answering that question. 3 years from now it will be a gastronome urban legend ... holla

        1. re: stgrove

          OK, I was just kidding hahahaha, but seriously....wok-n-roll rulz

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I just discovered they were closed last night. How sad. They were open at least 15 years, as I clearly remember the first trip I made there in the early/mid 90s, although I'm pretty sure it was under different ownership back then. I find Torchy's pretty meh overall, but there are certainly a lot worse places that could be going there.

          1. that is just horrible--Wok-n-Roll also happened to be one of the best places in Austin to get Pho--those folks are actually from Vietnam, and it was a family owned business from what I understand--and now ANOTHER Torchy's, probably the most overrated Austin chain? Not to mention overpriced...and wimpy weak toned down tacos...might as well be a new Chipotle there...

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            1. re: taliesin15

              Yeah - the owner would make me things off menu from time to time. Started about 5 years ago when I saw them eating something that wasn't on the menu. A long time ago, the place used to be packed with Chinese patrons. I wonder if there was an owner change from Chinese to Vietnamese in the late 90s.

              Anyhow, I've never eaten at Torchy's. Is it like Taco Deli? At first blush, I'd rather get a $6 bowl of duck soup than a $4 taco.