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Jan 17, 2010 06:52 AM

Where would Guy Fieri visit if he were in Boston.

Simple- where would Guy Fieri eat if he came to Boston. Perhaps he did but I wasn't able to find any results when I searched. I'm not lookin classy places to chow, just good darn greasy places to eat.

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  1. He has done bits on Sam LaGrassa and Bartley's Burgers. I would think that Gallaria Umberto would be up his alley, but I hope he doesn't go there, an the lines are already long enough!

    1. His people actually reached out to me for recs, but didn't use any of the ones I offered. I thought LaGrassa's was worthwhile (longstanding family biz, they make their own pastrami, and their pastrami sandwich is the best in town), but I wasn't thrilled with the Bartley's pick. I guess I haven't watched the show enough to understand the formula for selecting places.

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        Based on the host, I assume they're targeting the "complete and utter d-bag" demographic.

      2. He did go to Mr. Bartley's Burgers near Harvard. I went there too and liked it a lot. The burgers were delicious as were the fries and onion rings. The wait for the burger was longer than you would expect but it was a fun place to people watch and I didn't mind. Have fun - I love Boston!

        1. The Food Network's "Poochie" would find Chacacero to be "money" and/or "off the hook."

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            Was it Bourdain who coined the Poochie comparison? That's really priceless, so spot-on. But it looks like Fieri is just getting bigger and bigger.


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              I think it might have been - and inescapably accurate. To be optimally "in your face" he should probably be "10 percent more rastafied."

          2. Pretty sure I remember an older episode at Kelly's Diner in Somerville.

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              i think i remember an episode at kelly's too. definitely one of my favorite diners in boston proper..