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Help me find PUFF PASTRY

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I have looked high and low, cannot find puff pastry. Looked at Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Gelsons, Surfas, Vons. Anyone know where to find it, I'm near the Grove but will travel to the Westside and Hollywood.

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  1. Try Ralph's - the one in Pasadena carries it.

    1. Try Ralphs Fresh Fare...there's one on Olympic in Century city, and another one on coldwater and ventura in studio city.

      1. Another source for Sweet Dough and Pastry Dough frozen is Nichole's in South Pasadena.

        You may also try your favorite bakery by calling and asking them if they can swing it for you.

        Another option (though only available by the case) is to go to Restaurant Depot...you'd need business license and a few other documents to get a free membership.

        1. If you mean frozen puff pastry, then the passable Pepperidge Farms stuff in the freezer case is widely available--Vons, Ralph's, etc. Probably near the frozen pie shells.

          When living in LA, I actually preferred the frozen sheets sold at Jon's markets. Good butter flavor and very flakey. They were medium-sized squares (like 5 X 5 in.) and sold in packages of about 5.

          1. Try Bay City Imports on Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, about 1 1/2 blks north of SM Freeway on east side. They carry Indo-European frozen, 4-x-4-inch squares about 8 to a package. They have a tons of great things, including a God Mother's Sandwich at deli section. And terriffic fresh baked breads - tomato & olive flies out of the place.
            Surfas in Culver City is another fantastic source.

            Link: http://www.baycitiesitaliandeli.com/d...; www.surfasonline.com

            1. Ralphs carries the Pepperidge Farm brand. It is puffs nicely but is non-dairy and doesn't have buttery flavor. Not real puff pastry.

              Dufour brand is made with all butter and is much more expensive. Surfas carries it as well as Wine House on occasion. Market Gourmet also carries a high quality butter version.

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                Westside girl

                Surfas in Culver City definitely has the Dufour puff pastry - it's made with REAL butter, and is in the frozen section. Not cheap, but the real thing. When I lived in London, I could order it from a fabulous bakery (Baker & Spice) "fresh", but it was VERY expensive.

                1. Smart N' Final also carries a large box of puff pastry sheets for restaurant usage. You can find it in the freezer section near the frozen waffles or frozen cakes and pies. Any good middle eastern market should have it. Why don't you try some of the kosher markets on Pico near Robertson. Surely they have it as they carry a lot of eastern treats.

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