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Jan 17, 2010 06:26 AM

YONKERS Nepperhan #510 area for brunch or breakfast- cheap

I will be in Yonkers on Nepperhan. I have a time frame of 930 to 11:15am tomorrow(my girls are packing med. supplies for Africa and Haiti at the AFYA warehouse.)My husband and I want to go to a cheap breakfast/brunch during those hours and that area seems as if it's close to some cheap ethnic places, or other interesting ones. Nothing fancy, just something really tasty- we live in rivertowns so we have some pretty cool ethnic places in Ossining, Tarry, any compatible in Yonkers area that'll be open MLK for breakfast????????????

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  1. For something a little different there is Jamaica Kitchen on North Broadway, ( I don't remember if there are tables as we usually have it delivered to our Yonkers office. Ackee and salt fish with butter butter beans and usually somthing green. I only like their breakfast offerings. (just stay away from the dumplings, they are leaden and taste like you are eating raw wet hard flour and water balls. There is really nothing on Nepperhan. My brain isn't really working right now, so that is all I've got.

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      Brain begining to work again. Ya Hala, South Broadway (middle eastern good and cheap) La Fonda Poblana, New Main street ( I think just take out) You would have to check the hours of operation. Malecon also on Broadway will be open (sort of a latin diner can be good if you order right, some good non alcoholic blender fruit type drinks ) By the way 510 is not in a great neighborhood.