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Jan 17, 2010 05:39 AM

Gimmicky restaurant for 20th Birthday

My younger sister is turning 20, and I'm taking her out to dinner. She likes the idea of gimmick-y places - Mars 2112, Ninja New York - but hates the idea of going to a ridiculous place with bad food. Any similar recs that have good cuisine? Entrees in the $15-$20 range.

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  1. i've said it elsewhere and i'm not sure what the general CH opinion is, but Panna II is as much fun as one can have in a restaurant on a birthday for under $15/person. it's BYOB and totally nuts with decorations. the birthday celebration song puts a smile on the face of even the most jaded.

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      Panna II is a great suggestion, but we go there with some regularity. I was looking also at Tea and Sympathy or A Salt and Battery - not gimmicky, but definitely twee.

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          tea and sympathy is very cramped, and a salt and battery is a bit bright, and mall like, but doesn't strike me as a special event location either. you might look into chip shop in brooklyn...and while you're at it, juniors.

          alice's teacup maybe? city crab? porchetta or the lobster roll place down the block strike me as theme like, but probably no better than a salt and battery. well, probably better food, but not ambience. dallas bbq has the big goblets of punch drinks, and the food is supposed to be edible, i hear. russian vodka room with it's horseradish infused vodkas? rolf's with it's wild decorations, and ski lodge decor. song 7.2 is really strange and might fit the bill, but the food is questionable. amy ruth's or shark bar? hill country might fit your needs.

          new york also has a number of paces which are frozen in time, that might work.

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            the food at Song 7.2 is decent, but not great. i would stay clear of Dallas BBQ. it's like a cafeteria, even if the food is edible. russian vodka room is fun, albeit mildly depressing, and guest of honor is only 20! food at rolf's is far from good and they're in a weird time now, with christmas decorations still adorning the walls. i realize that's the charm, but somehow it doesn't work when it's right after christmas.

            what about conveyor sushi at East on 3rd Ave and 27th(?)? Nooch for Thai on 8th and 17th. Soccarat?

      1. I was sort of tricked into going to Lucky Cheng's once. It actually wasn't that bad. The entertainment was awesome and the food not so bad. Plus I got free backrubs.

        Can't vouch for it, but I've always wanted to try that Russian Samovar place uptown.

        Also, I love Congee Village (Allen/Delancey) The food is good and super cheap. They have karaoke rooms in the bottom and it's pretty kitschy.

        Other than that, maybe somewhere with live music or bellydancing?

        Good luck and happy bday to your sis :)

        1. Sammy's Roumanian on the Lower East Side may work.

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          1. re: emgoodman

            <My younger sister ... hates the idea of going to a ridiculous place with bad food.>

            Sammy's Roumanian is a ridiculous place with bad food.

            1. re: small h

              You said you wanted gimmicky...

              Mars and Ninja aren't ridiculous places with bad food???

              1. re: small h

                I've only been there once - in December - and I have to say, I really had a great time, and enjoyed some, though not all, of the food. I do think it was an expensive good time, given the quality of the food though.

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              1. Sammy's Roumanian, Stardust Diner, Jekyll & Hyde - all ridiculous though!

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                  And way outside of the price range.