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Jan 17, 2010 05:09 AM

Do they have Chow in Fort Myers?

DH and I have to go on a business trip next week... the business food budget is pretty low, and we're broke, so we're looking for 'hole in the wall' type places with cheap good food, or other low-budget stuff that tastes great. Especially good breakfasts! I couldn't bear to have to spend the week eating at Olive Garden equivalents.

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  1. Plenty of Ft. Myers recs listed right below this message. And Estero, Bonita Springs, and Naples just to the south have lots of choices also.

    1. if your'e there on tuesday, hogbody's in n. ft. myers has a half-price wing deal. i like the sesame flavor ;-).
      there is a cape coral location, too. not sure if they have the same wings special.

      the best food bargain is "rincon cubano" in cape coral -- great specials, esp. at lunch -- lots of goooooood food. mondays are a good day there in the daily selection of lunch specials. also, their moros and cristianos beans and rice dish is outstanding! my review is here .... as "cape coral cuban".

      also on the cape is "wingnuts"; it has good meaty fresh wings, homemade sauces, and cold grolsch and other seasonal beers on tap (!) -- near the cape hospital.
      here's their site:

      a place in n. ft. myers (athenian?) is always packed, so the food must be cheap and plentiful. i know people who love it. i've never been. reviews are mixed here: it's season, as you know, so the snowbirds will be flocking here.

      is $10 a pound for good shrimp cheap enough? go directly to pincher's crab shack on the river in n. ft. myers.

      fabio's in n. ft. myers is good italian, and lunch specials are good value. order from the specials board.
      the tiramisu is homemade and really fabulous. i highly recommend you save some space in your tummy for a serving.

      mel's diner is pretty good value.
      breakfasts are good there. great reubens.

      rib city in n. ft. myers on 41 has good bbq.
      <did you all know rib city is run by the people who ran smitty's? saw a story in the news-press over christmas. also... vincent d'onofrio is a part owner of the rib city in sandy, utah and his mom and sis live in cape coral!>

      in order of how i'd go:
      rincon cubano
      fabio's or rib city (depending on my mood).
      wingnuts (bigger wings than hogbody's).

      and don't forget sonic's "happy hour": 1/2 price drinks. lemon-berry slush for $1?
      YAY! ;-).

      i haven't been to the farmers market in years. i've heard good things about it for breakfast and lunch. it's in fort myers proper, in the older area off of fowler. i can't recall the street name, but there is a sign on fowler, iirc. here's a link with all the info.

      that farmer's market restaurant will probably be your *very* best bet for "chow."

      if you drive over taking the "scenic route," just north of immokalee is felda, florida. stop in at gator hammock and get yourself some swamp mustard, gator sprinkles and hot sauce!

      if you're in north fort myers, you might was well go on up a few more miles to punta gorda, to a place with the very best pizza and stromboli i've ever had. it's called "old monty's." i ALWAYS have to go to monty's when i'm down in fort myers to see my family. here's their menu:

      1. The lunch at Paesano's in Cape Coral is pretty good. Sausage and Peppers sandwich for $3.99 on Mon and Tues and daily Spaghetti and 2 Meatballs for $5.99. The wait can be a bit long though.