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Jan 16, 2010 08:16 PM

Breakfast in OC - Cuban style at Felix Continental Cafe

Had a delicious (Cuban cuisine) breakfast in Old Town Orange this morning, at Felix Continental Cafe at the south western corner of the traffic circle (between the barbershop and Starbucks).

First time we've eaten here and it won't be the last! Hubby had the omelet with Spanish sausage (somewhat like chorizo); I was more adventurous and tried the chicken crepes, which were quite tasty, and very mild. The crepes were lighter than traditional pancakes but not thin like French crepes. Fried potatoes, plantains (sweeted cooked bananas - yum!), and a side of Cuban French toast (included) rounded out my meal. Both breakfasts included juice. Hubby managed to finish his breakfast, but I took all my French toast home in a box to enjoy later. It was delicious! Stuffed with a blend of cream cheese and jam, and topped with jam - heavenly! All this and coffee for two was under $20.

Service was very friendly and attentive. There were lots of other tempting breakfast options, some including sea food ingredients. Inside dining is set with small tables and chairs (no booths, my only disappointment), outside there is a large patio area. They were setting up the umbrellas for lunch when we left. We have walked by this place many times in the past and didn't realize what we were missing! We'll definitely be back - soon!

Felix Continental Cafe
36 Plaza Sq, Orange, CA 92866

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  1. I'venever head the breakfast there, but dinner is great. However, since they will not let me sit with my dog on the patio, I don't go. Check out the filling station a block north of the Circle on Glassel for breakfast as well. And if you have not gone, Haven Gastro Pub south of the Circle is quite good. If only someone would put in a decent movie theater in the area, the Circle could become a huge draw.

    Maybe it is better that there isn't one, on second thought.

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      Ate lunch at the Filling Station on a hot day several years ago - big mistake - way too many flies. And the hamburgers weren't anything special. I understand the pie is good though.

      Perhaps breakfast would be better. What do you recommend there or at the Pub? We're looking for something good and different from the other typical omelettes, etc.

      Since we're currently dog-less, parking the pup on the patio is not an issue for us at Felipe's. We found their food selection, taste and value to be very good, hence the posting. We like the area because it offers a nice chance to "walk about" that lots of other places don't have. BTW, there's a dog-friendly cafe in Huntington Beach just south of Armstrong Garden Center - and a whole park to romp in.

      1. re: Joani Macaroni

        HB is too far for me, I rarely head that direction. I like the Filling Station's french taost and turkey chili omlets, but if it were not for the pooch, I would not be as big a fan. I did go to Break of Dawn for the first time this last weekend, and since they have tables outside, I can bring the dogs and it oh so good and inventive. My Mom hated it, but she likes Macaroni Grill and her favorite lunch out is at Panera Bread. Not that I would rip on either of there, but they don't really rate in my top... anything (well, maybe large chains).

        I have not had lunch at the Filling Station, but I would not expect it to be nearly as good as the Pub. After all, the Pub has beer and booze, and the sliders are really, really good.

    2. Plantains are NOT sweeted cooked bananas!

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      1. re: janetms383

        My apologies to Janet for the inaccurate wording. Change that line to read: "sweetened, cooked plantains - Yum! (Plantains are a member of the banana family)."