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Jan 16, 2010 08:16 PM

I need help

okay so my birthday is coming up and i was wondering if someone could recommend a cake shop that would be good to buy a cake at or whatever. i've never really odered a birthday cake before so i dont really know what kind of cake to get either. could someone help me?

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  1. We're discussing the same thing, and we've gone with Opera Patisserie in Sorrento Valley (no relation to Opera in downtown). Another place for a birthday cake has been Sage Cafe in convoy for something light. For ice cream cakes where the ice cream is priority, Baskin Robins. TJ used to have a great one, but no more. And if nobody minds getting incrementally fatter, you could always get a cheesecake.

    1. royaljester's suggestions are in San Diego, but it would be helpful to confirm where you're located since the California Board covers a much larger area.

      1. Take a good look at Costco - even online (believe it or not) - they have some terrific cake combos and get very good reviews for taste and quality. So since we don't know where you are posting from in California, the safest recommendation right now is to send you to a nearby Costco, no matter where they are.


        1. Contact Dan at TWIGGS. They are on ADAMS Ave. I think their White Velevet Cake is Fantastic, it is moist and flavorful. The frosting is creamy and can be whimsical. He has done a cake decorated in polka dots for us. Dan is the chef and partner/owner. He can do great things. We have used his cakes for years. If you like Lemon, he does a tart that is great. It is tart and creamy.
          Twiggs on Adams
          2804 Adams Avenue
          San Diego, Ca 92116

          (619) 296-4077