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Jan 16, 2010 06:14 PM

Where can I find arepas in Cleveland?

I had a chicken and avocado arepa at the Taste of Tremont this summer but did not notice the name of the establishment. Are there any restaurants in Cleveland serving arepas? I found recipes for making arepas at home and am now searching for harina PAN, a precooked cornmeal. Does anybody know where I can find this too?

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  1. How about a pupusa? As far as I can tell, the difference is that one is cooked with a filling while the other is cooked plain and only then topped or filled, if so desired.

    La Brasa has pupusas. I vaguely recall reading that a bakery called Azucar also has them. Also La Casa Tazumel.

    Paladar has something called arepas on their menu. I don't specifically remember them but I do remember be generally disappointed in the meal. I also remember the arepas looking fussy and dainty.

    I think there are a couple Latin markets in the Ohio City and more further west but I doubt they produced the arepa you're referring to. I would guess it was LaTortilla Feliz. I think they had arepas on their menu. They opened and closed a couple times but I think they're finally gone for good.

    1. I have purchased frozen arepas at Giant Eagle on W.117th and also at the Latin grocery store on Fulton, just south of Lorain. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the store, but it is ground zero for all good South American (as opposed to Puerto Rican) foods in Cleveland. If Colombian cuisine interests you, La Boca offers some similar dishes, but, alas, no Bandeja Pisa!

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        La Borincana?

        Do they have much in the way of prepared foods? Anything at all cooked to order? Bakery items made on site?

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          Thank you- I am going to try La Borincana on Monday and will let you know what I find. I'll have to search the Giant Eagle on W. 117th next time I go to Luchita's.

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            Yes, La Borincana. The last time I was there they had a ton of frozen prepared foods, but nothing cooked or baked on site. It is very much a grocery store. They have an interesting selection of produce though.

        2. Thank you- I went to La Borincana where I found the arepa flour. However, I bought the Goya brand "Masarepa" which produced a griddle cake rather than the arepa I expected. They did have the PAN harina which I'll go back to get. I bought frozen papusas and Coke made with sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. They stock almost every Goya product as well as several imported brands of everything you need to make Latin American cuisine. Just browsing the store is worth the trip!