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Jan 16, 2010 04:38 PM

beer+fries+atmosphere+north side=where?

My happy hour partner and I have been searching, for over a year now, for a place that serves a an excellent french fry, has a fabulous beer selection and a cozy/non-sports bar/non-Wrigleyville-esq crowd atmosphere in the Andersonville, Edgewater, Lincoln Square, Uptown area.

So far we have only come up with:

Hopleaf (food tends to be hit or miss with the exception of the always fabulous mussels)
The Village Tap (Roscoe not really in the area we want, though the fries are superb)
Ts (again, food is just subpar)
Bad Dog (too many TVs and sports bar atmosphere)

Where is the magic location we're looking for? Any suggestions?

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  1. I love Hopleaf, agree about the mussels. You could try the Globe Pub, Bad Apple (really good fries and beer list, a little sporty), and I've heard good things about the Long Room but haven't gone yet. I really like Resi's Bierstube as well, probably don't have fries but you'd be hard pressed to find better bratwurst and beer. For cozy, I kind of like Uncommon Ground, good food and they usually have a few fires going or live music. Lastly, you could try Kuma's Corner, which has the best burger on the planet, but can get very crowded (no sports though).

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      Second Shaggy. I love Hopleaf.

      I'd add Goose Island (either location). Pretty good food ( the fish and chips is very good) and not much sports. It's like Monty Python's spam, eggs, sausage and spam. It has less spam than the spam, spam, eggs, spam, sausage and spam.

      Get a table in the back or near the windows and you'll hardly notice the TVs.

      And you get fresh-brewed beer.

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        The Long Room doesn't serve food. Or at least they didn't a year or so ago, which was the last time I was there.

      2. Check out The Grafton and 42 Latitudes in Lincoln Square.

        1. The Gage on Michigan Avenue.

          As an alternate to your taters, try the delicious fried Yucca fries at Siboney Cuban Cuisine on Western Avenue north of Armitage...really magical stuff, YUMMM!! Nice space plus a cozy-ish cool vibe in the bar area and an eclectic crowd. Also try the traditional Cuban dishes like; Arroz con Pollo, Ropa Veija, Fricasse de Pollo, plus the Argentinian-style Churrasco steak!

          1. Duke of Perth on Lincoln Avenue has good fish and chips. Cozy and dark inside, and roomy and bright outside when the patio is open.

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            1. The Duke of Perth has good pub food but a much smaller beer list than Hopleaf, which I finally got to try my last time visiting Chicago. My friends also had wanted to take me to Sheffield's (on North Sheffield), but we ran out of time. They told me the BBQ is nothing special, and I can't vouch for the atmosphere, but the beer list is definitely a thing of beauty.