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Jan 16, 2010 04:24 PM

Peter Street Deli Closed

Sad but true. I never even got a chance to sample their greasy spoon breakfasts or Chicken Ball lunches. I shed a tear. But happily this closure is due to retirement. not the current economic climeate. The sign on the door said that after 15 years at the restaurant they have decided to retire.

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  1. Noooo!!!!!!!

    I refused to believe it so checked it out today. Yep. It's really gone. The signage has already been removed and the windows papered over.

    The last time I was there in late December, it seemed like business as usual. I've been going there for around 10 years. Andy and I would always chit-chat, but he didn't mention anything.

    I'm going to miss the specials the most. Curry chicken, shepherd's pie with mushroom gravy, chicken dinner with stuffing . . .

    If anyone else is in denial like I was, attached is a picture of the note on the door.


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      I feel your loss. Really I do. Although I never went there. I knew the place via staring at it through my fitness club's window. For 45 minutes twice a week while I was on the eliptical machine for the last 3 years I would be entertained by peering into the world of The Peter Street Deli. The construction workers getting their morning coffee. The office workers grabbing their coffee before enjoying a cigarette outside the steps of the establishment. Also watching the unhealthy overweight regulars hobble in for their greasy morning fix. I vowed that one weekend when I want to be "bad", I would get a breakfast with all the trimmings. A day late; a dollar sorry.

      RIP indeed. I wish the owners a peaceful and wonderful retirement.

    2. Apparently an Ali Baba’s will open there.

      1. I just remember finding myself sorely disappointed here -- I went in expecting a deli and all they had were cold stale supermarket bagels wrapped in plastic with rubberized wedges of cream cheese in the middle. When I worked on Queen Street I was always desperately seeking somewhere to get a coffee and toasted bagel fix in the am -- sadly, the Deli monicker of this place only made it worse for me!! I am sure the lunch specials were otherwise fine, though.

        1. Yeah, I was upset to discover this. I walked over a few days ago to get my weekly club sandwich for lunch and the door was locked tight. I guess that's one less lunch place in the area.

          1. I ate there daily for a year about ten years ago when I worked in the area during some time off between university degrees. I was young enough to be able to handle the hit of saturated fat and poor enough that $8 or $10 lunches were out of reach. They had good prices on non-food items as well.

            Service was always with a smile and Andy and I usually had a nice little chat. I always thought of them fondly whenever I walked by the area and was perplexed by their recent absence. I am so very pleased to hear that it's because they've chosen to retire. Best wishes to them!