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Jan 16, 2010 04:09 PM

IN SEARCH OF: Most Excellent Eggplant Parmigiana

Every time I try a new Italian spot- I always ask for a small serving of Eggplant P. To say I am generally disappointed would be a giant understatement.

Last week we stopped into Consiglio's on Wooster St in New Haven. This was the best I have had in a long, long time. Perfectly sized slices, lightly breaded, meaty with that distinctive eggplant flavor allowed to come through.

BUT STILL - somehow lacking.

So CH'rs!

How about it ?

Where can one get outstanding EP?

I live on the shoreline east - - but am always up for an adventure elsewhere in Ct

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  1. Does it have to be a proper restaurant? It's been awhile, but if memory serves me correct, Liuzzi's is close to homemade to me (meaning, eggplant dipped in egg and flour and fried).

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      So where is this Liuzzi's? and does the EP have a fresh EP taste and crunch to it?

      1. re: few

        Liuzzi is in North Haven. I'll let solargarlic fill you in on their EP as I've never tasted it. But it's worth a trip there for a variety of reasons (cheese being one!). :)

        Happy trekking...and I hope your next trip to F&L is a better bet. I haven't been recently. I have my mom's EP in the fridge for tomorrow...

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          not crunch...and I'm speaking from memory, but I'm gonna say it's more soft and I said, I'm into the dip in egg and flour and fry (oh, and sliced thin) type EP. I could be wrong though. In any case, it's a great stop in North Haven, not far from the Merritt or 91 (between exits 9 & 10). They make their own cheese (really the hightlight) and have tons of imported goods. During lunch, the lines are crazy but they move fast...they've got a full sandwich menu (hot sandwiches change usually).

      2. Other than my mother's eggplant,which is heavenly, the only place that I ever liked the eggplant parm was Zuppardi's Appizza in West Haven.

        1. I'm also spoiled by my mom's eggplant, but I remember loving eggplant rollatini at First & Last in Middletown. If they can get rollatini right, for sure, their parm's gotta be excellent, too. You can also have it as a pizza topping. Mmmmmm!

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            Hi Katty - funny you should mention 1st & Last - - stopped in there Sat before going to see Sherlock Holmes - - had an EP was just ok - right size slice, but a bit soggy.....

            I might give them another shot though as it was for lunch......sometimes you are getting the setup from night before at lunch

          2. Eggplant Parm is my absolute favorite! And, like you, am I usually disappointed. No one can come close to our home version but I still order it when we go out. The best I have found in Connecticut has been Caffe Bravo in New Haven.

            1. I love Eggplant Parm, but don't like it thick and bready. I have found Pietra on the Post Road in Milford (about 5 minutes west of the Westfield mall) to have the best in the area. Thinly sliced, thinly coated and not overcooked, and not mushy.