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Jan 16, 2010 03:05 PM

Blue Water Seafood Coming to Asheville

I love this place in Hendersonville. Very fresh fish, nice people, good wine, This summer they had a tent set up at Reynolds Mountain on Saturday and we went every week for fresh seafood. At that time they said they were looking at the old Domino's space on Merrimon (where Sisters McMulled is opening soon). I was in Hville the other day and asked what happened. They said they were opening in March in the City Bakery space on Charlotte Street and CB was moving next door. Great news for Asheville...their seafood is excellent!

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  1. Is Sisters McMullen moing from Patton Avenue, or opening a second location?


    1. Great news. I drive right by there every day on my way home.

      There is also a new seafood market set to open at River Ridge shopping center soon. Very soon, by the looks of it.

      Carolinadawg, I haven't had it confirmed, but I think that Sister's McMullen is moving the bakery from their Woodfin location rather than the downtown storefront. Any confirmation, anyone?

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        Yes, Sisters McMullen is moving from their Woodfin location to the old Dominos.