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Jan 16, 2010 02:30 PM

Knife suitable for Children

My 4 year old loves to help cook, but I can't let him near any of my knives. Does anyone have suggestions for suitable kids knives. There are some on Amazon, but I'm not sure which to choose.

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  1. Kid knives which actually cut or not? There are plenty knives which do not really cut at all. If you want knives which can cut something, then plastic knives are the best. You can get a lettuce knife:

    or cheaper yet:

    Ha ha ha

    On the other hand, I feel like the best is to just tell him: no no no, even if he get upset. If you give him a fake knife, then he may get the impression that knives are safe and he may have more reasons to go for your real knives (or someone's) when no one is around.

    1. I think one of the plastic knives that are intended for use on non-stick baking pans would probably be fine. I used to let my children cut with a table knife. They can do mushrooms or hard-boiled eggs just fine, even if they can't cut broccoli or carrots. You can also find good plastic knives, i.e. at Dunkin Donuts.
      It's great that you're including him in kitchen fun! He'll be a much more adventurous eater that way. Plus many skills develop in the kitchen; fine motor skills, math skills (I still ask my kids to multiply fractions for me), reading recipes, etc. Good for you!

      1. I guess one of those ones that's meant for cutting romaine might work (plastic, not too sharp).

        I'm holding out to get my Chowpup (same age, roughly) one of these some day:

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. He has been helping me with baking for quite a while and loves to be in the kitchen. I want to encourage him to continue to do that and having a safe knife is all part of that.

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            I bought the Zylliss knife shown from Amazon for my 4 year old granddaughter. It cuts better than a table knife and works on many foods. Even carrots can be cut with it. I had tried plastic picnic knives, etc. but I am really impressed with this knife....not at all useless. We've had a lot of fun making things together, and she can chop many salad things with this knife.

          2. At four, I'd stick with a table knife. In a few years, there's this--


            I've seen this knife in the shop, and I suspect it would be suitable for a child of around seven or so.