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Jan 16, 2010 01:31 PM

Meat on The Beach

I nipped in today for the first time in a long while. They had a good selection of products. Not just meats but fruit, produce, diary, etc. It was very busy at the time, which doesn't say a lot because the place is very small and cramped inside. We picked up a bbq chicken for dinner tonight. It looks and smells really good.

All of this got me wondering how come we don't hear more about on the board? The stuffed chicken breasts looked good, as did the many varieties of sausages. For those regulars out there - what do you recommend?

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  1. As a Beach resident, I shop there quite often. Their beef short ribs are excellent - very large and meaty. I also like their chickens for roasting and sometimes get veal shanks. However, the last time I got some of the sausages, I was shocked at how dry and tasteless they were - like sawdust! Maybe it was an off day or I overcooked them a little but I'm a bit wary to try again. Unfortunately, I don't remember which ones they were specifically - maybe ones with spinach? My only real complaint about MotB is that the layout is cramped so if you're shopping when it's busy, it can be very annoying. I try to go during slow times if possible.

    1. I've tried shopping there a couple of times. The place got too claustrophobic and chaotic and I had to leave.

      1. Sadly, I have had two awful experiences with the meats at Meat on The Beach and won't go back. I bought a (seemingly) beautiful crown roast of lamb there for a special Christmas meal last year, and when I went to cook it the next day some bits were already starting to go off. I don't even want to think about what I paid for it. Gave the place a final chance, went to buy their cranberry stuffed chicken breast roast, and again, tasted slightly vinegary to us when we tried it for dinner. I fear they have too much inventory, not enough turnover. Much prefer Chopping Block... low inventory, always fresh.

        Meat on the Beach
        1860 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, CA