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Jan 16, 2010 11:36 AM

how can I dye salt with beets? using it as a subsitute to saltpeter or potassium nitrate

how can I dye salt with beets?

Basically I want to corn beef , i do not have saltpeter or Potassium nitrate I heard you could dye salt with beets and then use that to cure the beef and get the lovely pink color.

What do you think?

Should I boil the beets in my brine then brine the beef?

chop them up raw and place them in the salt? then use the salt in the brine?

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  1. two of my fave ingredients...beets and salt...
    you surely have the answser already, but placing beets in salt is not likely to get you the results you seek. when you prep your brine (preferably in a glass pan if you have one), add beets, and simmer until water is deep red, remove beets. presto... happy dyeing.

    1. I'd boil it with the brine because the cells will rupture and the dye will come out more readily. Make sure the brine is cooled before you brine it.