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Jan 16, 2010 11:21 AM

Mori Update- Buri belly now at its prime.

Returned to Mori to see what was going on. As always, the quality was superb. I have noticed an increase in price over the past few visits. Previously I chalked it up to me getting matsutake dobinmushi. But this time I had nigiri only.

We had:

-Engawa. halibut fin. Mori scores this and brushes it with yuzu juice and zest. Not usually a fan of engawa but Mori makes it delicious.
-Big eye chu toro. great quality and texture. Too bad there was no bluefin that night
-Tai no konbu jime- snapper marinated in kelp. subtle, refined, delicious. This is why my vote goes to Mori for pure sushi and not Urasawa
-buri belly- pure white in color, richer than toro and more flavorful in my opinion. The quality of this belly was superior to the belly cut I received 2 months ago. Another reason why I choose Mori over Urasawa for pure sushi.
-sayori. Excellent but definitely Urasawa wins this item
-saba- delicious and perfectly marinated
-boston sweet shrimp- sweet and delicious
-aori ika- creamy, sweet, and tender
-ikura no shoyu zuke. Excellent but again, Urasawa's preparation is clearly superior albeit a slightly different prep.
-Santa Barbara Uni
-Hokkaido Uni. While I usually prefer Hokkaido uni, last night the Santa Barbara uni outshone the Hokkaido Uni. Maybe it's that time of year?
-Kamasu- baby barracuda. Delicious
-freshly grilled anago.
-toro scallion roll- good but doesn't highlight the quality of the nori
-repeat of Santa Barbara and Hokkaido Uni. Wanted a repeat of the insanely good buri belly but we got the last of the fattiest cut.
-toro scallion hand roll. the crunchy thick nori shines with the hand roll. It's really hard for me to leave Mori without ending with this last item.

This recent visit reaffirms in my mind that the rice at Mori is superior to the rice at Urasawa and that for best pure sushi in LA, I feel the title goes to Mori. Now best restaurant and best overall experience, that obviously goes to Urasawa. I suspect Mori-san may now be as good in quality as my gold standard in NYC, Sushi Yasuda. My return trip to Yasuda next month will test my suspicions.

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  1. Sounds delicious! Was this part of a nigiri omakase? May I ask what the price range is for this?


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    1. re: ming

      Yes. I asked him for nigiri only omakase. The omakase that night ran 105pp.

      If you go, request a seat in front of Mori-san and go on Tuesday or Friday to maximize your chance at buri belly.

    2. Buri of supreme quality also available now at Kiriko. Just had my 3rd visit (this month) there last week.

      Medai also there.

      Needlfish too.

      Torigai too.

      Tobiko also.

      San Diego uni (which now trumps Santa Barbara uni, in my book), too.

      Black truffle ice cream to top it off.

      OK - Too good... Gonna go again next week...

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      1. re: J.L.

        yes, the san diego uni has been incredible.

        Thx for the writeups. Omakase time.

        1. re: J.L.

          OK just went again.

          Phenomenal buri, medai, steelhead salmon ikura, obo, and black truffle ice cream (again)!

        2. Hi Porthos,

          Thanks for the great report back. I can't wait to get Buri Belly again from Mori! :)