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Platinum cookware

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Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with Profesional Platinum Cook Ware? The claims they make are pretty amazing. i would like to get an unbiased opinion.

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  1. No real experience on them, but they are not that amazing based on specs.

    1. Based on a quick Google search, "Professional Platinum" seems to be typical "waterless" stainless-steel cookware. No prices are given, and it's apparently sold only through cooking shows or demonstrations, which hints at pressure tactics and noncompetitive pricing. It may be perfectly usable, but I sincerely doubt that it's anything special.

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        Thanks I saw a video on those pans on youtube and I got curious. However I already bought a decent set of stainless pans at costco. But thanks again.

      2. Nothing special. A lot of non-scientific mumbo-jumbo at website.

        I did get a chuckle out of their claim that the covers of the pans can be used like a trivet by placing the pan on the cover which is balancing on the knob! No risk there.

        1. http://www.platinumcookware.com/techn...

          they have trivet lids and "nutrithermic" bases

          can you cook with snake oil?

          1. While I don't know anything about this brand of cookware, I do have a set of T304 Lifetime waterless cookware than was passed down from my Mother. She used the 1st set for over 25 yrs.She called the company to ask about buying new handles,& to her surprise they gave her a whole new set of cookware! And now over 40+ yrs later I still use this cookware every day.Of course I don't use it as "waterless" cookware, & as a old southern cook, butter & fats are my oldest friends! ;) The Lifetime cookware is T304 as well & can be bought on eBay for as little as $170.for a new 16 piece set.(I've paid more for a small pan & lid of All Clad copper core cookware!) Used prices are very cheap. If I wanted to "try" T304 waterless cookware I think I'd give a used $10. Lifetime pot a spin to see if there's anything to the "waterless" claims.To me after cooking with it for 40 yrs, it's just normal SS cookware, nothing more.