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Jan 16, 2010 10:29 AM

flavored non-sweetened seltzer water?

Since moving to Canada, I haven't been able to find flavored, non-sweetened seltzer water. It's really common in the U.S. -- no sweeteners (artificial or otherwise), no artificial flavorings... just seltzer water and natural fruit flavor. Anybody know if this is sold somewhere in Toronto?

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  1. I moved from the US too and have been missing the same thing! The only thing I can find is flavoured Perrier (pretty common, I see it in most supermarkets) and I'm not a big fan. Whenever I go home I drink tons of flavored Poland Spring and Polar.

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      We bring it back by the caseload when we drive to the U.S. for something, but that's getting old! Ironically, Canada Dry makes a line of these, but we can't find them in Canada...

    2. This is probably not exactly what you are looking for, but some stores carry "Dry" brand soda, which has a very small amount of sweetening (I couldn't even detect it). It has amazing real flavours: Cucumber, Juniper Berry, Kumquat, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rhubarb.
      I am told soda water is not the same as seltzer water, but perhaps this is close enough ?

      1. I've searched high and low after moving from the States but seltzer water is not to be found. In the bubbly water world here I've found...

        > Perrier, Pelligrino, Polish brands, PC brand are all nice products. Maybe even better than seltzer. But the bottles are often big (I like the cans or 500ml bottles for portability... I don't drink it fast enough to finish a big bottle before it's flat) and the price isn't where I'd like it to be for everyday drinking.

        > Club soda. This has been a pretty good solution for me. When I want it flavoured I squeeze in some lime or lemon. PC brand is $3/12 cans, at both No Frills and Loblaws.

        > Import! Whenever I visit the States I come back with seltzer water. And whenever my parents visit they bring it with them. Now that I have a son my parents visit more and I have seltzer more regularly :P

        1. Not sure if its exactly what you want, but I get Boylans Seltzer by the case from Mr. Case in Toronto. Its unsweetened just slightly lemon flavoured and very refreshing compared to pop or soda.

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            Intriguing! I will try this out if I can find it in a smaller quantity. Thanks.

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              Boylans is what you're looking for. They make a lemon seltzer (yellow writing on the bottle) but also have a plain seltzer (blue writing). Have seen it in toronto but can't remember where. Perhaps try a large grocery store that caters to the Jewish community--I think it's kosher.
              There is a thread on this board from not too long ago called "Boylan's Diet Black Cherry" that talks about where to find Boylan's in Toronto.

              1. re: daimon4

                I got a bottle of orange seltzer from The Big Carrot on the Danforth recently. I don't remember the brand, but it could have been Boylan's.
                Back when I was a kid, one of my favourites was New York Seltzer, which I believe were slightly sweetened.

          2. President's Choice makes seltzer, both plain and lemon (or lime, I can't remember) flavours. Jewish stores sell seltzer too.

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              Thanks for all your responses. Beaner & Daemon -- sadly, lemon is one of the flavors I can't stand. Wellred & Pasta -- glad to know I'm not the only one missing this! I'm really baffled as to why this isn't more readily available in Canada... in the U.S., many of the grocery stores even have their own store brand of really cheap fizzy water with natural flavorings -- everything from mandarin orange to cranberry-lime to raspberry. When I decided to stop drinking soda years ago (because I wanted to reduce my sugar intake and didn't want to use artificial sweeteners), these were what I substituted. Guess I will continue hauling them back from south of the border... but I will try the checking with the Jewish grocery stores.

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                kat, one thing I do a lot when I want a beverage with flavor but not sugar is add a couple of dashes of bitters to club soda. If you have a couple of different flavors around, you can have some variety from drink-to-drink without having several bottles of seltzer in your fridge. Lately, I've been hitting my bottles of Fee's orange and peach bitters pretty hard for this purpose, but Angostura is also quite nice.

                That being said, PC does make both lemon and lime unsweetened club sodas mentioned above, as well as cucumber and a blueberry-pomegranate. My NoFrills has the lemon and the lime, and used to carry the cucumber, but cleared it out since I think I'm the only one who was buying it. :)

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                  The pop companies seem to have convinced the major retailers that Canadians don't like carbonated beverages. It's not quite - but almost - impossible to find chilled plain carbonated water (forget flavoured) or club soda anywhere in the GTA.

                  I've seen convenience stores with up to 8 full size double door fridges, an infinite selection of bottled flat waters (sweetened, flavoured, and/or plain) and "energy drinks, and not one carbonated variety other than, perhaps, Perrier. When a store does stock cans of plain Canada Dry club soda, they sell out in a flash.

                  The supermarkets do carry a few things, but Perrier is the only brand of unsweetened, flavoured fizzy water that's widely available. Most of the other options are really vile. There are some good tasting PC (lightly) fizzy waters with natural flavours (imported from Italy), but they are all sweetened.

                  Seltzer is more widely available than you may realize. Some of the supermarket brands of "club soda" are actually seltzer, though you'd need to add your own flavours. I'm not absolutely sure, but I think that the Metro and Sobey's club sodas are actually seltzer (albeit quite flat). The PC club sodas are not seltzer - one type contains a sodium salt and the other contains potassium.

                  THE kosher store is the Clark Av Sobey's in Thornhill. Other possibilities include Daiter's and Kosher City Plus on Bathurst and the Metro at Lawrence Plaza.

                  You ideal solution may be the Soadstream system. I used to recommend it highly, but find their current delivery/exchange method ridiculous and their current Canadian pricing a joke. Nevertheless, you should check it out ( It's certainly easier than hauling cases of water from the States.

                  1. re: embee

                    Agreed. There are any number of lovely sodas available in other provinces or countries which are impossible or difficult to find here. Oh Raspberry Ginger Ale from BC, how I miss you. Agrum by Schweppes from France, won't you join us over here?

                    Neither of these are the non-sweeneted type from the original post, but I fully agree on the scarcity of carbonated beverages in Ontario.