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Jan 16, 2010 09:30 AM

Sirloin suggestion

Had a freaking delish Sirloin last night for dinner - my cousins bought it at Pusateri's - I thought I'd see what sort of suggestions came off this board for alternative butchers (better or cheaper).

Tried searching, but no luck.

Advice or a link to a topic I didn't turn up would be much appreciated.



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  1. As always - Costco. I would let it age for (at least) a week before using it. I am sure there are better cuts out there, but for the price it cannot be beaten - provided you have either a very healthy appetite of a bunch of friends.

    1. Grace Meat Market, College & Grace - excellent meat at ridiculously low prices - and the nicest staff imaginable. 416 534 7776

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        Hunh, I've never heard of Grace Meat Market - but I can make it a stop on my bike ride home. In my experience, Costco meat has always been superb value (and excellent- but a little out of the way).

        For day to day use, I get my beef at Fiesta, I am happy to have somewhere new to try.



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          Went to Grace MM for a sirloin on Friday - but they only had 1 lbers, and suggested I buy 2 in order to get a thicker piece of meat!? .. odd. Were not able (or willing) to cut a piece for me. $5.99/lb (would cut it for me if I called ahead)

          Ended up at Gasparo's - all of their sirloins looked to be around 2.5 lbs - and the perfect thickness - got one, it was fantastic. $6.99/lb - oddly enough he lowered the price to $5.99 I really don't know why.

          Noticed today that Fiesta Farms carries top sirloin - and I suspect if I call ahead, the butcher would cut a thicker piece for me. $4.99/lb.

          Anyone have the skinny on a quality comparison - Grace/Gasparo's/Fiesta?



        2. There are good sirloin steak buys at Cumbrae's They are on the back counter and under $10/lb., yet aged and from their own farms (not theirs, but raised for them).

          1636 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G, CA

          481 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

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            I going to commit heresy and recommend Sobey's. The South Ajax store, ever since it was an IGA, has always had a good meat cutting crew and it hasn't changed. With their specials happening all the time the meat is excellent quality, generous portions and great pricing.

          2. The original comment has been removed