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Jan 16, 2010 09:17 AM

Dining with a dog ...

We'll be traveling with our Welsh Corgi (25lbs). Looking for outdoor dining options where we can bring him. We'll be in Hallandale/Hollywood then over to Naples then up towards Tampa. Any and all recommendations are appreciated!

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  1. In Miami you can sit outside with the dog for a solid pizza at Andiamo or a great lunch at Michael's.

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      At Coconuts in Ft Lauderdale you can sit outside (overlooking the water) with your dog. They will even bring him a dish for water. The food is great too.

    2. Sage Bagel, 800 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard, Hallandale Beach, FL , arguably the best bagels, pastrami, whitefish and corned beef in South Florida, has outdoor tables where dogs are permitted. Would be an excellent place to take the pooch for breakfast or lunch.

      Mauro's Pizza,1904 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, FL, has seating outside, and the pizza is first rate -- classic NYC style, with thin crust, sweet sauce, and just enough grease dripping to stain your shirt.

      Across the street from Mauro's is Rainbo Cafe, 1909 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, FL, who also has outdoor seating, with a full menu of breakfast and dinner foods. The people watching is maybe better than the food, but a great way to spend an hour or two.

      1. Mostly every place on Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale allows dogs to dine outside.

        1. I could be wrong but the Fl law was changed a few years back allowing dogs at outside tables if the restaurant allows it and other customers don't complain. Lots of restaurants along Atlantic Ave in Delray have dog water bowls outside.

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            The state left it up to local jurisdictions to regulate outside dogs at restaurants- some cities still ban it, some always allow a restaurant to do so if they want to, some places require a specific permit.

          2. I live in Hollywood, you can bring your dog pretty much anywhere with outdoor seating (which is everywhere in the Young's Circle area). My favorite place to go with my dog is Sushi Blues, only because they have dog bowls for water rather than using a "to go" container. Also, Gorgio's on Hollywood beach allows dogs, they have great seating on the dock.

            If your up for a little drive, head down to Lincoln Road on South Beach, dogs are welcome everywhere.