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Jan 16, 2010 08:41 AM

Bad Brad's BBQ New Baltimore (DTW)

Tried this place for the first time earlier this week - will definitely be going back! We got sandwiches - brisket and pulled pork, each $8. We got upwards of 1/2 lb of meat on each sandwich, really tender meat. Four sauces on the table - sour (vinegary), sweet, spicy, and a combo called 3-2-1 (I think 3 parts spicy, 2 parts sweet, 1 sour, but I could have that backwards). Sandwich comes with homemade chips and a pickle. We also tried the pit beans - excellent - very smoky, a little bit sweet, a little spicy, with lots of meat in there. Table service was very attentive. In short, well worth a stop if you're anywhere in the vicinity.

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  1. Thanks for the report, gooddog. I sense a roadtrip coming on!

    1. Going out there today. Anticipate pulled pork and a PBR!

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        Bad Brad's is out-of-the-way for most of the Que lovers in D-town. But if you're ever in the far northeast suburbs, its a place to seek out. It's located at the curve where 23 Mile Road turns into Green Street at the south edge of New Baltimore. And based on my lunch today, it's worth sampling.

        I had a very "ample" pulled pork sandwich, along with the potato wedges they call fries, and a serving of the beans. Didn't sauce the sandwich, so cannot report on any of the four they provide. The sandwich was sublime though. Moist and fully flavored, it stood on its own merits. The beans were good. But I found myself peeved that I didn't sample Brad's Mac & Cheese. Maybe next time. The potato wedges were terrific.

        While waiting for me to arrive, my buddy ordered me a Dragonmead Dark draft. First time for that taste--wonderful.

        I think if Bad Brad's were nearby Slows, we'd have a Lafayette / American type arguement going on all across the metro.

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          How would you compare it to Lazybones?

      2. With a new BBQ place on the horizon I went there for lunch today. Got the 3 meat sliders to get a protein sample with four bones of ribs. The ambiance is very masculine and very cool. Service was prompt and friendly (packed at 1pm on Saturday). The chicken was very good, not too smoky but well cooked and I used it to three + 321 sauces gooddog describes. Great range of sauces, enough for any taste. The 321 was unusual and had great tang. Chicken good +. The brisket was cubed and looked/tasted like it was re-grilled??. The ribs were dry-rubbed and dry cooked. Even the magic sauces couldn't rehydrate them. Too bad for a $6 sampler. However, the pulled pork was as good as I have had in NC, Nashville, or Memphis. Really flavorful almost well beyond smoked. No sauce desired. Overall, the experience was very positive and although I didn't try them the burgers were flying out of the kitchen. I would make the road trip again and try some of the sides with the pork.

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          Thanks for your back-up on the pulled pork, goatgolfer. Your prospective far exceeds mine.

        2. We finally got a chance to try this place (we live nearby....we just have kids and don't go to nice places much lol). It was really great. I agree with the previous comments about the pulled pork...which my husband had. It was really good. On a recommendation from a friend I tried the campfire nachos with chicken.....and it was heaven in my mouth. I don't know if I would order anything else, although I saw someone have the tacos and that looked good too!
          I think we will be doing takeout from here from time to time. And it seemed like an good place to take our kids (they are 4 and 2)....since the service was fast and there were a few kid friendly items on the menu. We would just need to go when there was no wait to be seated....and I don't think that is possible here:-)