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Krebs in Whitby

Hi All,

I used to go to Krebs in Whitby about 20 -25 years ago. At the time it was kind of "upscale", at least for us twenty somethings, at the time. Someone suggested going there again but I can't believe it would live up to my memories. Has anyone been lately and is it worth the drive from TO?


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  1. I believe it has closed down. We drove by on New Years eve and it looked like it hadn't been open in some time. Either that or its in a state of serious disrepair.

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      Maybe that's why their website is down. Thanks for the heads up.

    2. Yes I believe they are closed.
      Property was sold in October 2009.
      Not sure whats replacing it.

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        It will be a new place from the folks who own Hot Rocks and Shrimp Cocktail. Was originally supposed to open in December> The sign now says opening in January...

      2. The new place is called The Brock House. The new sign says it's from the folks that brought you Hot Rocks and Shrimp Cocktail. It's opening in January as Sacherboy has mentioned.

        I'm looking forward to checking it out. I've been to Hot Rocks a few times and have enjoyed it.

        1. As mentioned, it will be called The Brock House and the latest signage indicates a February opening.

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            The sign now says that they are accepting resumes. A late March opening??

          2. The Brock House in Whitby was Krebs and it did open late March of this year. My husband and I went last night and would never go back. The food was very overpriced for what you get and not even good quality. My husband had the shepherd's pie $13.99 which was good but he started off with a caesar salad ($8.99) which was a pile of iceberg lettuce with a bit of dressing on it, some shredded cheese and a couple of circles of proscuitto. No croutons, no bacon and not garlicky. Basically very bland. I ordered the Hot Open-Faced Roast Beef with Gravy. Definitely not a good idea, very few vegetables with it, the roast beef was very little and cold. The french fries were very greasy and their so-called Gravy was so thin and orange and looked and tasted like the broth from a can of Campbell's vegetable soup. Not good. That was also the "gravy" that came with my husband's shepherd's pie so I guess it works for everything there. The worst part was even though we complained to the waitress and she told her boss, no one ever came to the table and there was no adjustment to our bill. For a good meal, go to Chatterpaul's instead. Way better food and well worth the money.

            3500 Brock N, Whitby, ON L1R0G2, CA

            1. I drove by yesterday still not open - no activity but I did go to Hot Rocks last week and had a great burger w/ very friendly service

              1. The Brock House is open for business. The last couple of dinner services I've driven past it's been packed. Virtually no spaces left in the sizable parking lot.... Not sure when it opened but It appears many folks are giving it a chance....

                1. I went to hot rocks once and it was ok, rather expensive though. I enjoyed the australian lamb, though the mashed potatoes weren't special. The pasta was good too and we had the hot rocks appetizer. It was on the pricey side.

                  1. I have been there twice since it reopened as The Brock House. I went for lunch with my mother who had so enjoyed her first visit she brought me. We had a great meal and loved the decor. We found the menu to be varied with homestyle and broader choices as well as price points.

                    I liked it so much that I went back for my birthday dinner with 6 guests who also loved the decor and enjoyed their meals. Pizza, burger, battered fish, roast beef all good. They also had pulled pork nachos, and coconut shrimp (not a fan of the shrimp) I had the house salad which was a disappointment and I did not eat it, the dressing was awful.

                    There were also several deserts ordered and enjoyed.

                    So overall a good experience and we would return and just skip the salad. We found the portion size reflective of the price paid.