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Jan 16, 2010 06:22 AM

Enamel inconsistencies on the interior of my new Staub

After exhaustive research I've finally bought my first piece of enameled cast iron - a 6.5 qt. round Staub, to replace my smaller 5 qt. Lodge.

I was excited to start cooking with it when it arrived, but upon inspecting the interior of the finish, I noticed a few small inconsistencies in the finish of the enamel. They aren't very large, they look like small ripples, smaller than the size of a fingernail.

I'm wondering if this is typical of enamel finishes and I was wrong in expecting the finish to be completely even and smooth. I've been holding off on using it and trying to decide if this is normal, or if there really is a problem and I if I should exchange it for a non-flawed one.

Could anyone tell me if my new Staub is flawed or not flawed? Paying this much for one piece of cookware, I want to make sure that what I have is perfect in terms of function. The look of the inconsistency is less of an issue to me.

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  1. I looked at some Staub in the store the other day (been considering one if I ever find a sale). I can't say I noticed any "ripples", but I did find one with a defective lid (it rocked on the pot...changed it to another pot just to be sure it was the lid).

    As far as enamel goes, they certainly aren't as "precise" as their major competitor. The tansition from the outside color to the black interior was wavy on the edges, and every piece I saw had lots of knicks in the enamel on the edge of the pan lids. I don't think they actually go through to cast iron, but were grayer knicks out. I'd been curious since I'd seen a lot of people comment on that and if they got a defective pot who ordered from Amazon at their deep discount sale years ago. Most said it was "normal", and from the ones I looked at in the store, I'd agree. Does yours have that same issue on the rim of the potlid?

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      That is why I almost never buy anything online or mail order. I want to be able to inspect it before I buy it, or else if that is impracticable to be able to immediately return it at a local store if I find something defective without the hassle and risk of shipping it back.

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        I took a closer look at the little ripples, and after rubbing away some white dust residue, it became apparent that they were more like 3 little nicks sitting side by side. There are other ones in other areas, including the lid and the outside enameling, but they aren't as deep as the 3 that I'm concerned about. I've also read that the nicks are normal, and as such wasn't concerned about the other ones, but these 3 are a bit deep for my liking and I'm concerned that they may penetrate to the cast iron. I'm also concerned because they are on the bottom of the interior of my pot and would thus definitely come into contact with whatever I cooked.

        The rim on my pot is pretty much or less perfect. I've read about the problems that people had on that big sale on amazon, and remember hearing somewhere about how Staub at one point wouldn't honor the warranty for the pots that were sold in that sale, stating that they were a discounted batch and not subject to the warranty. They later reversed their position and said that the prior statement was a mistake, but it makes me wonder if the pots that were sold in that batch were seconds.

        Staub also changed hands a couple years ago and some people say that the quality and workmanship has gone down since then, which was another concern when I decided to order my Staub. I hope it isn't the case, though from reviews on amazon about products cracking in half, and enamel chipping, it sounds like that might be a concern. Fortunately, amazon has a great return policy and I figured that I had nothing to lose in ordering it.

      2. I have two Staub pieces (2 qt. braiser from WS and a 5 1/2 qt. round) and I haven't noticed any inconsistencies in the enamel, but I don't think I checked them over too much. I've used both quite a few times and I LOVE them!

        1. It's been a while since this thread was started, but for reference purposes for others, I have to say that there are no such irregularities in the enamel of my Staub. There are a few pin-sized dimples that do not go all the way through, but that is just the way the matte glass interior is supposed to be. If I saw something like you have described here, I would send it back!