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Jan 16, 2010 05:13 AM

Good place to watch the Super Bowl?

I'm going to be in Chicago Super Bowl weekend for a bachelor party with 5 or 6 other guys. We are staying in the loop/mag mile area but will travel (within reason) for a good place to watch the Super Bowl. We are looking for a place that will have good TV's, good local crowd and good bar food. Many places require reservations for the Super Bowl so we are hoping to book soon.

I know that there is an ESPN zone...thats not really what we are looking for.


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  1. CANS on Damen just north of the 6 corners of North/Damen/Milwaukee. T.V.'s, beers, food, it is kind of a game day spot. After the S.B. walk around the area and find lots of bars for your group.

    1. Thanks - CANS looks like a good option. Any others suggestions would be appreciated!

      1. I thought there were 10,000 bars in Chicago.....there has to be more than just one that would be good to watch the Super Bowl?

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          Ok - what are you looking for exactly? Are you looking for the post-college bar/food area? That's Wrigley-ville. Goose Island has good burgers and local beers. But there are 20+ bars in the area with local beer on tap and food. Check out in the upcoming weeks and use these key words: Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, Wicker Park, and Bucktown for Superbowl deals.

          1. re: lbs

            We are a little older than the "post college" crowd and are just looking for somewhere that will have a lively crowd with good bar food to watch the Super Bowl. Thanks for the key words...that helps with the search!

            And while we are here, I have another question.... We are going to the Blackhawks game on Friday...which neighborhood/bar area would be most convenient to go to after the game?

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              Ahh - gotcha. I'm 31 so I kind of fall in the same area. Wrigleyville is fun and everything but it can get a tad....obnoxious after a certain point. But don't discount it althogether because it will lively and full of the pretty people If you go to the Lincoln Square area, The Daily, Bowman's, 42 N Latitude and Bad Dog Tavern has good to decent food (42 Latiude has the best IMO). The game will be playing at all those and the crowd is mostly late 20's to mid 30's. After the game, check out HuttenBar for really good German beer or the Tiny Lounge (barely any signage but next to Bowman) for excellent cocktails. Hopefully someone else will pop in about bar/eats in Bucktown and Wicker Park area. I'm not that familiar with area to comfortably suggest a place to hang out. Most of the places that my we hang out there don't serve food. Just dives.

              Blackhawks game - I'd think the Bucktown/WP area would be the most convenient.

        2. Any Bucktown or Wicker Park suggestions would be great.


          1. For the Blackhawks game, you might consider The WestEnd which is just down Madison Street from the United Center. I live a couple blocks away and stop in from time to time and the staff are nice. Plus they have free shuttle bus service to and from the UC.

            (It probably would be a good place to watch the Super Bowl as well)