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Jan 16, 2010 04:32 AM

Atlanta Cofee Roasters

Hi - I'm looking for a coffee roaster in the Atlanta area -- anyone have recommendations?

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  1. I drink a lot of coffee. Note the post time. Back in the day, I had a serious Aurora habit. Ethiopia Mocha Harrar at $11 a pound or so. Great stuff- no idea where it was roasted. Before that it was Broad Street Coffee Roasters in Chapel Hill, with their numerous custom blends for the various Triangle restaurants.

    Back before the arrival of the Chowpup, I came to the realization that I had to downsize my habit. Somewhere in that timeframe, I discovered that the Dunwoody Costco roasts in house. Don't know if it was a pilot, one-off or what, b/c I don' t think any of the other stores around town roast their own. There have been occasional off batches in the interim years, but the house-roasted Sumatra at $9.99 for 2.5 pounds has been the house coffee ever since.

    Oh, and somewhere in there I tried the Dekalb Farmer's Mkt coffee and thought it sucked. FWIW.

    1. I really like Dancing Goats Coffee Bar in Decatur and San Francisco Coffee (a few places in Atlanta)

      1. You might try Joe's, I was gifted with two pounds for Christmas (Indian Monsoon Malabar AA, and Toraja Sulawesi ) and both are fantastic.

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          Thanks for all the recommendations - will pay a visit this wekend.

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            I would second the Dancing Goats rec.