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Jan 16, 2010 04:27 AM

Anthony Bourdain does the Hudson Valley

Seems like an interesting episode. I'm especially intrigued by the Ixtapa taco truck in Newburgh.

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  1. thanks for the link; bourdain's one of the few food related shows i watch....

    but my thought was not the list i'd have selected. mohonk is a terrible choice, even with the view, for the food show. i don't know the polish place in goshen, but why not ellenville? you've even got the built-in background of former catskills place, with the jewish bakery place and abandoned campgrounds in north / west directions...

    tacos in newburgh? if you're there, the better focus is peruvian (which is quite scarce) @machu picchu, come to poughkeepsie for the mexican fix.

    and obv. kingston's got a bit of ethnicity to it as well.

    just initial thoughts...

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    1. re: bob gaj

      I agree. Mohonk is NOT a food destination, although they think they are. Lots of food does not good food make.

      1. re: wincountrygirl

        i think it's supposed to air on 2/8...probably at 10.

        i was also very surprised that they chose to go to mohonk. definitely not my first choice...or my 10th. i'm not a fan of overpriced mediocre food...

        1. re: applesauce23

          Thanks for the info. We stayed at Mohonk a couple of years ago and opted for the "formal" dinner which was ok at best. Lunch, though was truly awful - very institutional tasting food.

      2. re: bob gaj

        The Polish place in Pine Island is fantastic. My fiance's family has been getting stuff from there for about 20 years. The article makes it sound like a restaurant but it's more like a deli with a few tables.

      3. When will this episode air? Thanks!

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        1. re: wincountrygirl

          in regards to mohonk- the crew & tony need a free place to stay don't they? the nevele was booked I guess...

          1. re: cubanat

            I didn't see the episode yet, but I've got to say I'm astounded if he featured Mohonk Mountain House and didn't slam the food. It is horrible. Any place charging those prices and claiming to offer a 5 star experience should be too ashamed to open the dining hall with that dreck.

            1. re: sbp

              His visit to Mohonk was not about the food (unless you consider tea and canapes food). It was about the history of the place and the fact that the Catskills were once a center for such Victorian resorts where wealthy New Yorkers played. As I said in my other post on the subject, I am a bit suspicious that his visit was a covert advertisement: perhaps the Mohonk management offered him and his staff a few days, with spa services and the like.

              BTW, I was at Mohonk recently and had a few darn good meals. Not gourmand, but good. And, the wine list is really respectable (an 05 Gigondas from a reliable producer for $60, would have been $100 in most NYC restaurants).

              1. re: famdoc

                We were at Mohonk and tea time was NOTHING like what was portrayed on this show.Cookies and long lines. The food was acceptable at diiner if you did the "fine dining" option and the wine list was ok. Breakfast was good, especially the coffee, but I found lunches to be absolutely disgusting. Lot of food,though! But the freshly carved turkey was very institutional tasting as were the other items. Barbeque option was a bit better.

                1. re: famdoc

                  I highly doubt that the Mohonk scene was a advertisement in disguise. If it was I doubt we would have seen a wave of blood going down their hallway. There is no way the Mohonk house was happy with that. While I think he was complimentary of the place he also portrayed it more as a house of horrors then a luxury resort.

          2. I wish he made it to Kingston and spent some time at Fleisher's meat market. I don't understand the idea of Mohonk as a food destination either. I wish Coppola's in Highland was still it's old self, with the dad, Vinnie, cooking. Tony would have enjoyed that! IMHO.

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            1. re: MsDiPesto

              i realized after my post, when i mentioned it to my wife, there's one HUGE place he should have hit...

              more like the catskills, but in the name - hudson valley foie gras.

              given tony's love of the stuff, i can't believe that didn't make it in the show.

              there's also the caviar place up the road in kingston as well...

              yeah, i've heard coppola's used to be much better. in fact, it's where i went with my wife our first time out, back when the hudson valley's restaurants were REALLY sparse.

              1. re: bob gaj

                Yeah, they were in a storefront in Highland back then, if you asked, Vinnie would make a dynamite Vitello alla Piemontese. If you were a regular, he'd send out a plate of Zucchini Fritti Misto. The kind of place where you finished the meal wiht filtered coffee and a shot of sambuca.

                1. re: bob gaj

                  Tony has been to Hudson Valley Foir Gras in a past episode. I'm pretty sure it was the Christmas special a few years back.

                  1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

                    thanks for that...i try to avoid watching retrospective, christmas, thanksgiving shows if possible, so if it was in there, i'd liktely have missed it.

                    1. re: bob gaj

                      I missed it too when it first aired. It wasn't till I say it listed online that I checked it out. They actually called it a Hudson Valley episode so it got my attention. You didn't miss anything. It was a throw away episode.

              2. Just got back from Mohonk, where we spent a weekend. Agree, this is not a food destination, but we enjoyed a few items that were quite good: house-cured salmon (Sunday brunch) was excellent, creamy lentil soup (Saturday lunch), fried clam strips (Saturday dinner...before you extol the virtues of this dish on the CT coast, these were actually fresh, moist and tasty), striped bass (Friday dinner).

                Of course, for the money, Mohonk should be a gourmet's dream. However, for what it is
                (a family resort and a place for rich New Yorkers to get away for a weekend), the kitchen is acceptable and tries very hard to please. I was quite impressed with the wine list and found a few real values (a 2004 Gigondas from Domaine de Gayas, $60).

                1. I hope this was taped way in advance...the best time to hit the Hudson Valley for local food and fantastic foliage is autumn...not the grey of winter. Rhinebeck would've been a better choice than Mohonk. Maybe he's tired from all the traveling and just wanted to chill in the rocking chairs on the balcony.

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                  1. re: CarolynHV

                    Yeah I almost get the impression that they needed an easy to shoot (cheap) episode. Each season seems to include one like that. One year it was Food Porn, another it was the Street Food. While those were compilations using old footage at least this is new.

                    I still don't think are doing the Hudson Valley justice based on the list. I wish they would feature the area the way Istanbul was done.