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Jan 16, 2010 03:27 AM

Iron Chef Restaurants for English Speakers?

Any recommendations? Its a birthday dinner so we are looking to spend about 10,000 -15,000 yen per person. I was looking at Michiba's restaurant and it looks good. Anyone ever go? How about Iron Chef Chen's? Which would be a more memorable meal? We are not looking into either Sakai's or any of the Italian ones because we are looking for an asian themed meal. Neither one of us can read any Japanese and we can only speak very very basic requests.

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  1. Just went twice for lunch at the Akasaka Shinsen Hanten and once to Michiba Kaishoku, here the description :
    For lunch, the chinese Akasaka Shinsen Hanten, the best way to go is in group and even the dishes like “mapo tofu” are not what you will go for, some will order it and you will be able to have a taste of his most popular one. The lunch is affordable (lunch1260yens, specialset at 2625yens) the dining room is surprisingly very unexceptional !
    At Michiba Kaishoku (near Matsuzakaya Ginza), I had a marked joyful lunch (season lunch 4300yens): cozy space, elegant, monthly renew menu, tasty japanese cuisine and ideas.
    Both will have english menu, reservation in advance for lunch time is necessary.
    In fact, the Iron Chef Chen Kenichi, 2nd generation chef, was called for battle more than the others…and had memorable matches as I remember.

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      I go to Chef Chen's on a regular basis, Roppongi branch. The place is an absolute dive, but I will polish off a mapodofu ankake oomori and feel completely satisfied. I love that stuff.

      Another favorite Iron Chef for me is Wakiya in Akasaka. Upscale Japanochinese, very good and unusual, excellent reasonably-priced lunch sets.

      Morimoto XEX was also pretty good, but I don't think Morimoto runs it anymore.

    2. It's probably dated but ... anyone recently been to any of the old school iron chefs' restaurants? The ones own by chefs Michiba and Sakai? Or are they retired now?