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Jan 16, 2010 03:11 AM

The Ivy in Coconut Grove?

Just noticed an article about this place in the Herald... anyone been there yet? I've been to the other Ivy's countless times and always enjoy them, was surprised to see that one opened up down in the Grove.

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  1. is it the same one as in Beverly Hills? That might not be so surprising if the Hollywood crowd still shows up in Miami in Season.

    1. I've had breakfast at Georges' next door a few times recently, and I always notice the Ivy is pretty empty compared to the other joints in the neighborhood. I checked the menu and the prices for breakfast/brunch seemed reasonable, I'm not sure what its like for lunch or dinner.

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        Yeah I always goto Georges on Sunday and the Ivy is always completely dead. Last time I walked by with friends some British guy came out and started hustling us to eat there, really obnoxious.

      2. me save ur money and dont waste ur time, go to George's next door...
        its so so- food(remember the English not known 4 their cuisine) horrible service and a kitchen that seems to not listen to What exactly u had asked u a have a manager who's a joke to have working at a restaurant of the name and category that The Ivy is known for....!!!!
        try Jaguar, excellent tortilla Lasagna...!!!!!///Lobster salad at Georges...!!!!
        ..Visit the Ivy in La...!!!!!!!