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Jan 15, 2010 08:54 PM

French Contemporary with a Japanese Chef for Lunch in Tokyo

From Michelin 2009 I've narrowed it down to Tateru Yoshino, Quintessence, Edition, Le Jeu de L'Assiette, Miravile, Narukami. I'm pretty sure all those are more or less totally Japanese kitchen. This would be for lunch and we're looking at the simpler set menus most likely. What do you like best of these restaurants? Other restaurant suggestions along these lines much appreciated.

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  1. What advice to give you ? read the comments on net like : reviews on Miravile, Quintessence and Narukami review on Tateru Yoshino Shiodome review on Tateru Yoshino Shiodome (click on shimbashi flag
    )No way to comments ? No, that restaurants are just not on my future list, more attached on specialized conception, the statement of chefs, sushi,… Actually, for this year, the French restaurant that seduce me will be Aronia de Takazawa : (no lunch).

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      Ninisix, definitely do visit Aronia. It is a wonderful and unique place; I am going again at the end of February. Can't wait.

      1. re: Asomaniac

        No way! When are you going? I tried to get a reservation for Feb. 27, but they said they'd be closed. When I mentioned I'd be back in Tokyo in March, they said they'd remember it when they made their march schedule. I hope that means they'll let me in--it will be the fourth or fifth time I've tried to get a reservation! I have really bad luck with going to Tokyo whenever they're away. :-(

          1. re: Ninisix

            For which dates?

            I'm wondering if I should contact them about March again.

            1. re: prasantrin

              Exactly on March, I looked for the White Day !
              They will be closed for 2 weeks from the end of February...