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Jan 15, 2010 08:46 PM

casual & affordable places in pleasantville??

hey there, i havent been to pville in years, and am curious as to what's good over there. we will be walking over from the brewery, and will most likely be hungry! i think i went to foley's ages ago, is there anything else similar, or possibly good ethnic?? thanks for any info

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  1. On Wheeler Ave - Bollywood Bistro is a good pic for Indian, and Pony Express (sliders & fries, soups, hot dogs, etc.)right down the street would be a good accompaniment for the good brew! Love that Captain Lawrence! :o)

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    1. right next door in thornwood..abis sushi does a good sunday brunch fyi

      1. well, the brewery was so awesome, and the beer is delicious, as you know! i felt like i was at a party when we walked in. there was some hiking group there that had reserved the space inside, so we just walked in there unknowingly. they had people passing out samples, and i was like wow, this is cool. turns out we were crashing, so we went back where the bar is and finished our sampling there. man was that place hopping! i enjoyed the liquid gold and the espresso stout most, and i am not a fan of stouts. i'm so happy that we have such a great brewery in westchester, and it seems they are doing very well. for dinner, we ended up going to guadalajara, which i didnt know had reopened since the fire. it was hopping in there as well, but luckily we got a table by the bar. we just had a couple apps, the chorizo w/ onions in red wine, and a sampler. the chorizo was really good, i have become a recent fan (i'm not a big meat eater), and the sampler was pretty pedestrian. what pissed me off though was we ordered 2 margaritas that ended up costing $16 each, and it's not like i had patron (i think i ordered sauza hornitos anejo, w/ just straight lime juice and salt). when my date told me i was like what?! next time i will definitely ask before ordering, that's for sure! also, we wanted to look at the dessert menu, but our waitress never brought it, so we just got the check and left. ended up getting dessert at chiboust in tarrytown instead; i think we made a good choice.

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          $16 for one margarita?!?! Wow, I thought I could not be further shocked at the outrageous overpricing of that mediocre place--I continue to be amazed by the crowds who go there.

        2. Pony Express for sure...especially if you're taking the train. The other direction from CL near McD's is a Greek pizza joint. Nothing special but they do slices and they have a KILLER spicy pepper and sausage pie that's perfect with fresh suds. Also serve up these little sausage and/or bacon balls that are poundable to devour.

          Also, close by the train station is Flour + Sun. Cupcake bakery that is utterly addictive. And I do not have a sweet tooth at all.