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Jan 15, 2010 08:05 PM

Where can I find garlic flower in oil in Toronto?

I found this at Thuets in Liberty over a year ago and before then at SLM. There is a Quebec supplier that said it was at the Big Carrot but they don't carry it anymore. The search continues...

It's awesome in potato salad and marinades.

Any clues appreciated.

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  1. Garlic doesn't have flowers. When a garlic plant sends up its stalk (scape) near the end of the growing season, the top contains a cluster of tiny garlic bulbs called "bulbils". They are genetically and structurally identical to the garlic cloves under the ground, although they have less moisture content and their taste is sometimes a bit stronger if you bite them or cut them open (they have a higher ratio of dry outer skin to volume).

    If the misnamed "garlic flower in oil" contains bulbils, then "garlic in oil" is the same thing, and presumably it is much easier to find and might cost less.

    1. I know I have bought them from Front Door Organics in the past. I love to keep a jar to use with my chicken...