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Jan 15, 2010 06:40 PM

Mornington Peninsula eats

We are going to Australia in February and will spend some time on Mornington Peninsula. Can anyone recommend some great restaurants (and wineries to visit)? Type and price level irrelevant - we would love to try some great, informal and cheap eats and would equally be very happy to splash out on something amazing. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Whereabouts will you be staying? The roads on the Peninsula aren't that fast and so it can take a while to get places. If you can post back, we can target some recommendations!

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      We'll be staying in Mornington at a place called Mornington Bed & Breakfast. We are keen to explore the wineries around Red Hill. Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions!

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        Mooroduc Estate - excellent pinot, and hosts of the pinot festival

        Ten minutes by tractor - good winery, superb food (went back twice to try the various platters)

        Lindenderry - highest rated restaurant on the peninsula, to me a bit dated and pretentious

        Red Hill - cheese is great!

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          That sounds great. We will skip Lindenderry and give all of your other recommendations a shot.

    2. Enjoyed a mid-winter diner at The Long Table Red Hill South 18 months ago.
      Address: 159 Shoreham Rd, Red Hill South
      Directions: 38º22'49.71"S, 145º01'30.47"E

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        Looks good, will check it out. Thank you!

      2. My sister's wedding was on the Mornington Peninsula, and the ceremony and reception were held at Willow Creek Vineyard. The restaurant on site is called Salix Restaurant - the food was amazing, and the view over the vineyards from the dining room is superb.
        Open every day for lunch from noon, and dinner Fri and Sat from 6pm.
        Willow Creek Vineyard
        166 Balnarring Road, Merricks North 3926

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        1. If you are in Red Hill head to the Red Hill Brewery. Their beers are some of the best in Victoria, if not Australia. They also do some half-decent food.

          1. Tuck's Ridge has some wondeful wine, and a very friendly cellar door experience.

            Very informal, but Banjo's bakery on the main street of Mornington has some of the best sausage rolls I have ever eaten (and I have eaten a LOT of sausage rolls). They (like meat pies) are a bit of an aussie thing - you really should try one.

            The local art and craft markets ( see for dates) are always wonderful for food - start with breakfast, browse the stores, then finish with lunch. You can't go past the bright yellow lemonade stand (there's only one which serves only lemonade - he is the one to buy from).

            Fabulous ice cream in housemade waffle cones available at the dutch ice-creamery in Dromana (near the pier) - buy one (preferably strawberry, with actual chunks of strawberry in) and have a walk down the pier and back.

            The peninsula is beautiful at this time of year. Have a lovely time.

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              Will check it all out. Thanks very much for the recommendations!