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Menu suggestions for Disney restaurants please

My husband and I are going to Walt Disney World next week for 7 days. We have reservations at Jiko, Kona Cafe, Le Cellier, Bistro de Paris, Kouzzina, Sanaa, and Mama Melrose. I definitely plan to order the cheddar cheese soup and mushroom filet at Le Cellier and am thinking of the whole fish, grilled cheese appetizer, and seafood stew at Kouzzina. What do you think? What would you recommend at these restaurants? We would like to do appetizer and main course, dessert if it's good but will pass if only mediocre.

It will be our first time dining at all of them (we are also going to Boma). We are both very adventurous foodies and love seafood, spicy, game (steak will be ordered rare), offal (not that they have it at Disney), and no food allergies or limitations. We love Ethiopian, eat Indian regularly (both north and south, meat and veg only), dine at ethnic restaurants all the time (I'm Chinese American), eat sushi/ceviche and other raw seafood, etc.

We want to try the best that each place has to offer, whether it's expert execution or unique and authentic dishes. Chowhounds, please help! Thanks in advance. :)

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  1. Here's some recent info on Disney dining... although it's also good to get new thoughts and ideas every so often...



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      I had found the second thread but not the first. Thanks!

    2. The best food I had during my last Disney visit was at a "character lunch " at the Crystal Palace (for my four year old). It was a high end buffet and the food was great at all levels, meaning stuff for the kids and great stuff for adults. I was tremendously surprised by the skill of the buffet preparation and the variation of the offerings. Fine dining no, but a meal that pleased the entire family fully - absolutely.

      1. These people over at disboards are extremely helpful there is also a thread where people show off the food they ordered.
        check out there disney restaurant forum

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          Lots of great info on disboards. Thanks for the link.

        2. If the cost is not out of reach you should try Victoria a Alberts http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/reso...

          The 7 course tasting menu was fantastic

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            We are also going on a 7-night western Caribbean cruise on DCL on this trip, and I'm expecting gluttony galore on the ship. This is part of the reason I haven't included V&A, Flying Fish, Citricos, etc in our WDW dining choices. We will definitely try V&A some time soon though!

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              I didn't know allears.net had restaurant reviews too. I've only gone to them for menu listings in the past. Great tip, thanks!

            2. Depending on what you want out of your weekend, I would reconsider a few of your choices. If you want to eat in MGM/Disney Studios I would pick Brown Derby over Mama Melrose...but both are very average in my opinion. If you can schedule around it, I wouldnt eat at MGM/Disnet Studios. Also...Kona Cafe is VERY average and I've never had a good meal at Bistro de paris.

              Jiko and Boma are both consistantly good....everything ive had was very good. I go to Le Cellier for the Cheese soup and desserts.

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                Thanks everyone! What do you recommend at Jiko?

              2. I always recommend California Grill at the Contemporary. Excellent California cuisine and a great view of the fireworks show over the Magic Kingdom. They dim the lights and pipe the music into the restaurant. Be sure to book a table during the show. If you are too late to reserve, you can probably get a seat at the bar, where they serve the full menu.


                1. I don't have specific menu recommendations, but my advice is to enter with fairly low/average expectations for dining at Disney (that way you may end up pleasantly surprised). Even their "best" restaurants are barely above average compared to dining elsewhere. Not sure what your frame of reference is, but we live in upstate NY, have dined in many major cities (NY, Vegas, Chicago). We can get a better meal in our small-ish hometown than at Disney.

                  I do agree with @probert about Crystal Palace. It was pretty decent all things considered and more enjoyable than any of the places we tried on our last visit (which included Kona, Ohana, Artist Point, Park Fare).