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Jan 15, 2010 05:30 PM

Restaurants near Farmhouse in Russian River area

Staying at the farmhouse for a few days looking for some additional places to have lunch and dinner that are at most 30 minutes away. Nothing in Healdsburg familiar with all those, any other places that are no more than 30 minutes away. thanks

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  1. has a feature to "browse nearby restaurants". Here's the result showing what's in the database that's close to the Farmhouse Inn to get you started.

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        Mosaic has a nice outdoor space for lunch. The lunch menu is pretty simple: salads, sandwiches and similar. I wasn't wowed by the food--it was fine-- when I was there, but was won over by GREAT service and the relaxed outdoor dining. There's a slight hippy aesthetic here-the salad I ordered reminded me of something from the Vegetarian Epicure back in the 80s. It was good, but it looked very much from that period.

        I would definitely go back. I enjoyed the overall experience and the fact that the waiter put a great deal of time and attention into making sure we got the perfect wine--several bottles were brought out to try along with glasses for each (for both me and my boyfriend).

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          I've never had lunch there. Dinner is very good , no sandwches. Ive had the pork tenderloin and the coffee crusted beef is very good. Ive also had great salmon there.
          The tasting menu is a good deal .Nice wine list, alot of locals.

      2. We like Willow Wood Market Cafe and Underwood Bar & Bistro in Graton. Willow Wood is more casual. Same owners, I believe. Both good to great food depending on what you order. Underwood is not open for lunch on weekends. I was at Willow Wood last Sunday and today. Very crowded. They don't take reservations, but the wait is never as long as they say it will be.

        1. I'm a local innkeeper and sending our guests off for great food is what I do. I certainly encourage you to go to Mosaic, Willowwood Market and Underwood. All are very good. In addition I'd suggest Zazu on Guerneville Road; Applewood Inn & restaurant (got a mitchlin mention 2 years ago); K & L Bistro in Sebastopol; John Ash & Co (River Rd near Hwy 101); Mirapoix in Windsor. All of these are open for dinner. Mosaic, Willowwood, Underwood are open for lunch.

          Personally I'd suggest inserting your luncheons into your day's activities and thus you might be lunching a bit further from 'home' with some really great results as there are wonderful choices in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Occidental, Geyserville, Jenner, etc.

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          1. boon eat + drink is an absolutely amazing (and tiny) restaurant on Main Street in Guerneville, a city filled with the usual tourist-trap restaurants.

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              Russian River Rub on River Road on the Forestville/Guerneville border.
              Excellent pub sandwhiches