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Jan 15, 2010 05:26 PM

Breakfast/Brunch ideas in NH....

Hey All, my Amazing fiancee and I finally settled on a place for our wedding to take place, at the top of Loon mtn!!! We've also figured out that we want to have a breakfast/brunch menu for our reception. So, we need any and all help on coming up with some fun/creative/kooky ideas for the menu, and some vendors that may help as well......Thanx again, -J

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  1. The best breakfasts in Lincoln are provided by the Gypsy Cafe. I don't know if they would cater for you, but they serve terrific food.
    Also, the Mountain View Grand hotel does a great job but they are about 30 minutes away. You could ask if they cater. Their chef is quite famous.
    I'm a local!