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Is anyone eating steak at the Tulip on Queen?

Are the steaks and sides as good as they used to be?

porterhouse/mushrooms/onions were xlnt

Still good?

Thanks in advance


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  1. Went a couple months ago and really didn't enjoy. If you do go, stick with the steak and none of the specials. Bleargh. Use the money to buy your own steak and cook it. Much more satisfying.

    1. They may have low cost streak, but I wouldn't say they are good.

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        I wouldn't even really consider it low cost. Steaks cost more than the keg if I can remember correctly. I go to tulip sometimes, I always get the liver and onions.

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          Agreed. We go for breakfast sometimes and once every few years when we feel like retro kind of comfort food (ie. salisbury steak covered in gravy). As far as steak goes, I never understood the attraction with Tulip. Very mediocore.

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            Go to Bistro Camino for the liver and onions! Best that I have ever had. Call ahead to make sure that it is available.

        2. Went this weekend with the GF, and she has been dying to try their Turkey dinner (haven't been able to find anyone else that offers that as part of their regular/non-holiday menu....although I must admit, we have never really looked).

          We were seated quickly and then we waited....and waited...and waited. I have always known that their service was spotty at best, but this was ridiculous. We noticed that another table that was seated about 5 - 10 minutes after us had already ordered and received their drinks. And we were still waiting. At one point, a server asked if anyone had come to take our orders, we told him that we hadn't spoken with anyone since being seated. He apologized (as it was not his section) and he said he would talk with our server. Within a couple of minutes, a woman (who was apparently our server) told us that she "would be right with us". Of course she said this as she was practically running by.

          After that, we still didn't see any sign of her, and continued to wait. At around the 25 min mark, we just got up and left. I don't think that anyone noticed.

          I could possibly understand if they were extremely busy and the place was packed. But it was after 2:00pm on Sunday, and the place was a little more than half full, and I saw at least 6 wait staff running around, not including the 2 behind the bar. It seemed as though we were in the no mans land. The tables surrounding us had either ordered, we eating, or paying.

          It was really frustrating as I am fan of the Tulip, and I am always defending it against nay-sayers, but this last visit drove me up the wall. I know that I will return, but if the same thing happens on my next visit then I will not be going back

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            I'm surprised you just sat there and waited 25 min before (a) hailing someone down, or (b) just left. You have more patience than me.

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              Given that the GF was looking for something specific, we decided to wait, as we didn't know where else to try.

              Actually, the other server (not taking care of our section) came to us around half-way through the wait, which is another reason why we stayed (with the promise that someone was coming soon). I am sure that he told our waitress we were waiting, but she really did nothing else.

          2. I like the Tulip because I know what I'm getting. it's not fine dining but it's good food, large portions and a decent price. I have eaten several steaks there and enjoyed every one. I always get the small sirloin. I recently brought a foodie friend who has eaten at every steakhouse in the city and he agreed that the sirloin was one of the best he's ever had.

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              My ex-GF's granddad used to eat steak there when he won at the track, but I think that was in the 1940s.
              I just go for breakfast, they do a good one.

            2. Overpriced and they don't season adequately.

              1. I ate there a few years back and the steak was (a) overpriced and (b) not good.

                As for sides, nothing sticks out as memorable, good or bad.

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                  Went to the Tulip to take my boyfriend for a steak dinner because I had read such good things. He LOVED it, huge steak cooked as he likes it, very rare. This is difficult to find at times. The sides were horrid. I made a huge mistake and ordered lobster and yes it was dry and overcooked. The sides were awful. The service was not great and the setting is on the side of seedy. So, if we were in the area I would go to make my boyfriend happy with a faily inexpensive yet yummy steak. I don't eat meat so I would just have water.

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                    I know that you don't eat meat, so this may not mean much, but whenever I go there I get a steak and a side of spaghetti without sauce. I just use the steak juices as my pasta sauce....delicious....

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                      Are you really recommending that a vegetarian use the blood from a steak as her spaghetti sauce? Depending on how strict she is, I would think there would be other things on the menu she could eat.

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                        No recommendation there for her personally...just telling her something that she could pass onto her carnivorous friends...