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Jan 15, 2010 04:44 PM

Rudy's on Park=== Swarthmore?

Will be going soon with a group of adults, comments on the place please....

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  1. c'mon people nobody's been there....r u kidding me? Rudi's on Park- i need a review from a hounder!!!

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    1. re: monchichi

      There are no foodies in Delco!
      I asked my mother who lives in Swarthmore and she knows of no one who has been there. I've given her an assignment to ask around......will post again soon.

        1. re: monchichi

          This was the only information I was able to obtain: A local proprietor in Swarthmore heard that "the food is good but expensive. the service was poor to average".
          My opinion: People in Delco do not taste the food that they eat, in other words, good food is not high on their list.

    2. Sorry. Delco is a foodie wasteland

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      1. re: FISHINC

        thanks Fishinc, dont know delco that well, CA foodie you are pretty close, last night table for 6, BYOB, no corkage, small tight menu, nothing to different, all people we went with have exeprience with different dining tastes. 5 apps (4 soups 1 calamari) soupd were very rich small portion, 6 entres(2 racks lamb, veal chop, crab imperial, tuna), no coffee no desert, went as group for after dinner coffee and deserts at local home. $245 with tip. Food was good, service was fair did have to ask for water, presentation was clean and crisp, mood was comfortable, noise was mod, traditional. The couples we were with were repeats so they most felt it was good. The place was booked out, a nice sign....

        1. re: monchichi

          monchichi- thank you for your post. I was considering dining there over the holidays but the menu did not intrigue me. Would you mind providing a little more detail regarding the soup, calimari and veal?
          Thank you!!!

          1. re: Displaced California Foodie

            No prb Ca foodie, the soups, realitive small cup about 5 oz, cream potatoe and celeriac and cream of mushroom most all thought it was good although most commented that it was a little on the too rich side, as far as the calamari, breaded with a little heavier batter nice portion size looked like the perverable Sirachi/catsup aoli, people that is was good but thats all...... veal chop breaded -fine cornflake type breading, single veal rib chop -lollipoped-med size-little fatty but tastey pan fried - a little oily, could have been drained on paper for a minute, topped with a calalmata olive sweet red bell pepper rough tapenade-that was tasty and complimented the veal chop. all the dishes had this cauliflower floret with a heavybachemel type dressing, aliitle of a turn off on presentation on plate, a couple of asparagus spears. From a distance the presentation of salads looked inviting, although it was not close up and I cant vouch for taste. According to the website they were to have a rotating international menu, I thought it would have some caribean influenced dishes, but the specials where not that at all, so that let me down, since i very much like caribean flavors. I would go but i wouldn't rave.

            1. re: monchichi

              Thank you Monchichi for the details. I do not have high hopes for a successful restaurant there.
              I do not know where you live, but my family likes Sovana Bistro in Kennett Square. Please post if you dine there in the future.

              1. re: Displaced California Foodie

                My prediction for 2010 was accurate: Rudi's on Park has closed, 4 months after opening.

                  1. re: monchichi

                    It is too bad that Rudi's was not successful; however, we should not
                    conclude that no restaurant could be successful in Swarthmore. In
                    fact, the building and the space were great - sometimes, the food was good, but it really seemed to be the wrong chef and wrong pricepoint
                    for the town and times. Great space for the right restaurateur, though -
                    I think people in the area want a non-chain dining option.

                    1. re: jmk38

                      jmk38 I did not intend to imply that any restaurant would be unsuccessful in Swarthmore, I meant that I did not think that Rudi's would be successful there due to the high prices and mediocre service. I was rushing when posting and did not make my thoughts clear. There was a very successful homecooking-type restaurant in Swarthmore that was cost-effective and popular" The 'Ville. But it was not a "foodie" type place. Also, the Inglenuek (sp?) was very popular and had great food!!! I miss that place.