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Jan 15, 2010 03:45 PM

Chester Springs Dining Recs?

We are moving out to western Chester Springs (near Route 100 and Byers Road....between the Turnpike and 401) and need a new list of go to restaurants. Everything from pizza to sushi to fine dining and everything in between. I have heard of Birchrunville for a fancy dinner but that is about it. Does anybody else have any favorites in the area? Thanks!

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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood, mddletown! We've been in Chester Springs for 25 years and have seen lots of changes in restaurants over the years. I love to cook so we stay home for great dinners but go out mostly for drinks and appetizers so I can't recommend any fine dining restaurants in the area these days, we live down the street from Birchrunville but have not been there in years. Majolica in Phoenixville is very good. We enjoy the Eagle Tavern, Ludwigs, Ron's, & Iron Hill (Phoenixville) for drinks and apps. I like the brick oven pizza at Rocco's on Route 100. For sushi we usually go to Margaret Kuo's in Frazer. There is a very good breakfast / lunch place called Penn's Table in Lionville, food and prices are great. Hope this helps.

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      Kate, I just saw this old post, and noticed your comments on sushi. What do you think of Sakura in the SuperFresh strip mall at Lionville Station Rd?

      , Harrisburg, PA 17101

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        Thank you for reviving this post. I must have missed it the first time. We used to stop at this turnpike exit for lunch many times a year when our son was in college in Erie. Now it is only a couple of times a year. We always alternated between Eagle Tavern and Arthur's at the Inn at Chester Springs. (We preferred Arthur's because it had better sandwiches.) We also tried the chains -- Isaac's Deli (terrible); Red Robin (ok), and Pizzeria Uno (pretty good) but now we have Ron's and the Drafting Room as possibilities. Never realized they were that close to the turnpike (just checked maps online). Again, thank you. We need some variety, I mean good variety.

        Drafting Room
        Colonial 100 Shoppes, Exton, PA 19341

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          We tried Sakura twice and didn't really like it. I forget exactly why but we much preferred Aoki in the Main Street Exton shopping area. Have you tried Sakura? There is supposedly a new sushi place opening in the Acme shopping center near Bravo Pizza.

          Main Street Cafe
          126 E Main St, Elkton, MD 21921

      2. Welcome! The Drafting Room in Exton is a great choice too. They also have an excellent Sunday brunch. And I second the Rocco's pizza recommendation.

        1. chester springs and exton are the same to me, great indian selections, vietnamses-bamboo, sushi is available but not great, Han dynasty for scechaun chinese is fav of many, you will be in byers station megalopolis housing area, so you prob be on rt 30 most of time, short drives are phoexville, k of p, many choices, don't know your preferences...

          1. Becca's on White Horse Road in Phoenixville and Daddy Mimm's for Creole food. Station Bistro in Kimberton for a great Sunday brunch. I second Han Dynasty. I ate at the Royerford location two weeks ago, and, hands down, it is one of my fav ever Chinese restauants, and I'm fairly picky about Chinese food.

            1. Olive Tree -- great big portions, fair prices, authentic dishes, warm staff.


              Montesano Bros -- fantastic sandwiches/deli but they also offer special dinners and cooking classes