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Jan 15, 2010 03:33 PM

Looking for NM ground chile in Phoenix

Hi -- I live in Canada, but am going to Phoenix for a brief visit in Feb. Usually get ground NM red chile (Hatch and Chimayo) by mail, or when I go there for a visit. But sadly don't have time this trip to make it over to NM. Is there anywhere in Phoenix to buy it? Thanks so much!

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  1. Try Penzey's Spices on Hayden south of Indian School in Scottsdale. Hatch and Chimayo are places rather than types of chile so you won't find that per se. What you will find are about 20 different chiles and blends and a couple of the hotter varieties are vey simllar to what is referred to as "Hatch Chiles."

    1. Just go to this place, 6-7 locations in Phoenix, You'll be in Paridiso Mexicano. If you are driving youwill certainly load up on all kinds of stuff at this place.

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        Great suggestion. They won't have Hatch chile powder either but Paridiso Mexicano is correct. Go there for lunch but be sure and tour the interior perimeter of the store before making your decision. They are all pretty much the same but I like the mother ship at 16th and Roosevelt for some reason.

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          Actually you can probably get it at Ranch, but also any Food City store in the dried spices section (often in the produce section). I don't think it's labeled as Hatch, but there's definitely ground New Mexico chile in addition to other ground red chiles. Is it Hatch-specific? I'm not sure, but there's definitely a distinct NM variety of dried stuff, plus I believe they also have frozen Hatch red and green sauces in little tubs as well - should you want to grab some on the way to the airport.

      2. Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Sounds like I'll have some fun exploring!

        1. Look for Santa Cruz Chile and Spice Company brand at Basha's or Food City,I think they both carry it. It is made in Santa Cruz Az. and is a great product.It comes in powder or paste,I prefer the paste but both are good.

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            I like to cook down a nice big chuck roast with SC chile paste with beef stock and a little garlic, makes great tacos, machaca, whatever. Their little store on the old Nogales highway in Tumacacori is real old time Arizona I remember as a kid.

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     I guess I should have included this link to their website.I haven't been to their store in Santa Cruz for 5 or 6 years but I remember it being a great little place to look around and take in the aromas of fresh chile.

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                I had a chuck roast in my freezer, and ended up doing something like this. I was hoping I'd wind up with something like the red chile you get at Carolina's or the red chile stew at the Fry Bread House. It turned out good, but, not quite as good as what these restaurants serve.

                My roast was very lean, grass-fed, from a Double-Check Ranch share. I used El Guapo dried New Mexican Chile pods from Basha's. Safeway had the same brand. I followed this recipe, except I didn't drain any fat or attempt to remove connective tissue. The beef was very tender, and I'm glad I didn't bother to spend too much time on prep.

                I don't know what I'm missing, here. Maybe it just something stupid, like more salt. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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                  I'd throw a Tablespoon of ground cumin in there.

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                    John: I also add cumin (and garlic and Mexican oregano) when I puree the chilies. Before pureeing, I soak the chiles after I've toasted them in a cast-iron skillet until softened.

            2. Native Seeds/SEARCH often carries powdered Hatch chile (both red and green). A visit to their brick-and-mortar store in Tucson might not be in the cards for you this time around, but they also sell chile through their mail-order catalog and online:


              Even though I'm a proud supporter of NS/S, I confess that usually just buy whole NM chile pods (of unknown provenance) at local supermarkets and process them as needed in an old electric blade-type coffee grinder that I use as my spice mill.