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Jan 15, 2010 02:57 PM

Upscale Sunday Brunch in Raleigh/Durham/CH

Need to make a recommendation to an out-of-town friend who wants to experience the best the Triangle has to offer for a Sunday Brunch. Expense account dining, so $$$ is not an issue.
I've heard Heron's is top-rate....others?

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  1. My experience at the humble pie was very good. The food came out quick and was good; the waiter wasn't overly attentive, but was certainly attentive enough.

    I've always been curious about the beerknurd brunch at the flying saucer.... clearly the brews are the highlight, but i;ve never made it by... have any knurds on chow actually been?

    What're the areas you're trying to suggest towards? Where's your friend staying? It could easily be over an hour and a half drive between some parts of Raleigh proper to some parts of Chapel Hill proper. Not to mention some of the Raleigh suburbs that have become destinations in their own right, in recent years.

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      Staying in Raleigh, but would travel to Durham or CH. Probably wanting a bit more upscale than Humble Pie or the Saucer. Do any of the larger hotels make a big splash on Sundays? Ice carvings and such? These folks have enjoyed brunch at the Pinehurst Hotel and are looking for something in the Triangle that would compare.
      Does Second Empire have a Sunday Brunch? I can't determine that from the website?....

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        As far as I know, no Sundays at all, at the Second Empire. Maybe consider the Fearrington House, in Pittsboro?

    2. The Carolina Inn (in Chapel Hill) does a nice Sunday brunch, and is fairly upscale. I believe it was something like $25 per person, drinks not included (at least not drink drinks - possibly coffee was).

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