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Jan 15, 2010 02:52 PM

early March in Montaulk

Any recommendations for lunch and dinner? Willing to travel to Hamptons or Sag Harbor. Looking for good seafood (I know it's the wrong time of year) or Asian/Italian.

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  1. Never the wrong time for seafood out there, there's always something being caught. Montauk is definitely the place for seafood.

    Most Montauk restaurants start opening the weekend after St Patricks Day, but I guess you'll miss that. Right now mostly just bar and grill type food; O'Murphys is pretty good and right in the heart of town. Easthampton, not everything is open but you'd have better luck with Asian/Italian (unless you mean take out Chinese or pizza joints, there are a few of those in Montauk).

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          all's well. it's early march and i may just jump in the car and drive to montauk...

          1. re: Gastronomos

            This is the best time as far as I'm concerned! They're starting to gear up for sure.

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                My favorite, open all year, is a local joint call the Montaukett, the food is excellent if simple and the clientele is as quirky as can be. Best view in all of Montauk to boot. They are hidden away, you take the turn by the railroad station and keep going until you spot it. They only serve lunch at a very specific time, like noon to 2 or something like that. The fish and chowder are always fresh.

                If you're not so adventurous (even though I know you are) O' Murphys on the circle in town is also open all year (although I think closed Tuesdays?) a true Irish pub and again, the atmosphere is great, especially before the tourists descend.

                Avoid Shagwongs at all costs.