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Jan 15, 2010 02:31 PM

Any Recs for Estes Park

Spending the weekend in Estes. Looking for any recs. Again, no asian. I'm kinda tired of burgers but everyone else wouldn't mind. Steaks, italian, mexican (totally not expecting that) sandwichs, bagels, not super picky. Price isn't a big dea but don't want to break the bank. Thanks

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  1. Hunter's Chop House on Big Thompsen Ave is pretty good. It has delicious food at a reasonable price. The decor is fun too. Antler chandeliers and such. If you like something a little more "modern" Poppy's Pizza and Grill boasts of their incredible pizza! They also offer vegetarian and vegan dishes. Estes is such a great community, I doubt you will have a bad meal anywhere. Even if it is bologna sandwiches in the car at the grocery store parking lot:) Enjoy!

    1. We've tried other places (some OK, none great), and often end up at Ed's Cantina.

      1. I think Sunday brunch at the Stanley Hotel would make the best memory.